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Magic of Ear Coning

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

From crazy ear pain to a headache that won’t quit to trouble hearing certain sounds. My ears have always been sensitive. From the slightest breeze to air conditioning, and even noise. Yet according to all doctors I’ve seen, my ears are perfectly fine and hearing great based on their tests. I agree to disagree, which is also why I have become my own doctor for the most part. Most doctors nowadays base all their findings on technology. Not signs, symptoms or complaints, which is why I was not diagnosed with Eherls-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) until 2020. It wasn’t until I discovered the magic of ear coning that I began to get relief. Relief from pain, pressure, itching, and trouble hearing.

Knowing the lifelong trouble I’ve had with my ears, I rarely leave home without a hat. I loved wearing earmuffs, but having EDS, the tiniest of pressure can bring on a headache. So, beanies it is, year long, especially while shopping or in many restaurants.

If you suffer from ear aches, ear infections, itchy ears, excess wax, drainage, and/or trouble hearing or loss, ear coning will help. And while not all ear cones are made the same, they all work. From rolling a newspaper into a cone shape to some massive king beeswax ear cones, all provide relief.

I’ve used the newspaper on children crying in pain. You simply light the end of the newspaper, and VOILA, earache gone. Got wax, plugged ears or hearing loss, you’d need a thicker ear cone, since newspaper burns too quickly. I will say, even the cheaper thinner ones do the trick. As you can see here.

used ear cones

These ear cones I got from Sprouts Farmers Market. Normally I just do one cone in each ear, but since these ear cones were on the thinner side and so much gunk came out, I decided to do two on each ear. Glad I did, because I woke with less of a headache and no itchy ears today. YAY!

This is a nice article that goes into more detail on the different types of ear cones, as well as the history of them. Like using a neti pot for my nose, I am a huge fan of old school medicine. According to that link (above), ear coning/candling goes back to the Egyptian days. And while I have used hydrogen peroxide in my ears and over-the-counter ear cleaners, nothing works like the magic of ear coning.

I will forever be grateful for the lady doctor who introduced me to them. She was a customer of of mine while working for Dr. Richard Schulze at his American Botanical Pharmacy. I do wish I hadn’t lost my King cone contact because they were by far the best, with a slow and steady burn. I was also able to buy by the case. The Sprout’s ones were done in 5+/- minutes, but as you can see, they still pulled a lot out. That’s the magic of ear coning.

If you or anyone you know have any issue with their ears, consider giving ear coning a try. Very easy to do, just need water nearby and a few other precautions. I've always had help doing, this last time I did myself. SUCCESS considering all the I got gunk out.

I will say, despite decades of detox and ear coning, I still have trouble hearing when it comes to Morse code. Disappointing, considering it was God who wanted me to get my Ham radio license, which I did over five years ago. Ham radio aside, I could not hear well enough to master the entire alphabet of Morse code, regardless of buying a top-of-the-line Italian Begali keyer and getting help from more than one person. I blame it on my EDS birth defect. DARN. Thankfully, I at least know S.O.S.

ear coning for mind, body, spirit

I do however, believe while prepping is needed, it may not be as necessary as many believe, despite worldwide events as of late. I truly feel we are in for a surprise of such a magnitude that no one alive has ever experienced. Meanwhile, cleanliness will always be next to Godliness.

If not for your ears, do it for your soul.



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