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Magic Happens

My life is beginning to feel like a Hallmark movie. On steroids. It is, what Matt Kahn refers to as, Angel Academy. I was anointed and appointed for many reasons. One huge factor was simply living the Golden Rule. Like Dr. Wayne stated, "she continues to live like everybody's watching." Why wouldn't we?! Treat people the way you wanna be treated. Straight forward and simple. Like, "mi casa es su casa" and you scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Well. Just because I've arrived at this position does not mean the tests end. Nope. Being authentic is not a decision. You either are or you aren't. There is no on/off switch. If so, you may be tested when it's in off position. That is my fair warning to you. We all have bad days, yes. But that's when you start practicing, "May You Be Blessed." Not always easy I know.

Twice since my anointing they've put Angels in my path to see how I'd treat them. First was several weeks ago. As I was walking into a Target in Los Angeles, a man was standing outside the door. Face turned away and smoking. As automatic door opened, he turned.

His face was mangled. Literally twisted like those "photo booth" App pictures.

While thee average folk would've been startled, shocked and/or not given him the time of day (to say the least). My response? I smiled and my eyes felt like they glistened.

When I left (shortly after), he was gone. No biggy. But I knew there was something special about him. I asked my guides. Yep, he was indeed an Angel.

This morning I walk in restroom, lights off, no one in there. I start to leave and an older woman walks out from locker area. We talked up a short storm, mostly about permaculture.

Since time is of thee essence on 18-wheels. Cutting great conversation short happens. As I left, she said... "You're a smart lady." Told her she was too. Then she says, "yeah, but I'm old." Told her I'm getting up there. Her response? "You look good tho."

I do not share to boast. It is just a testament on the power of detox. It does magical things to your mind and soul. Your body just benefits. This being a huge prerequisite to answering "The Call."

Only thing better than crossing paths with a real LIVE Angel (before they disappear), is spotting one. I will say... They come in many forms. I've seen them in Tinkerbell fashion too. Indoors AND out. Except outside, they look like one giant fire fly.

Magic happens. If you let it.

May you be blessed,


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