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Love Will Find You

"There comes a time to start planning next steps. Love what arises." ~Homa, 1 of 9 Pleiadian pals~

Of my 37 (and counting) guides, 9 are Pleiadian. Below is an abbreviated definition of who they are. The longer version can be found here. I will be posting their intro soon. We finished it yesterday. And with it comes more messages for others. However, I'm having to wait a bit to post. My mini computer/cell has become quite back logged, but no complaints. As soon as my bodyguard catch up to me a series of posts will be released.

"The Pleiades are a group of stars that are there to communicate love. They exist to open the hearts of the world. Mostly thru people appointed to do so."

May you be blessed to love like there's no tomorrow...

1-9-2016 "Keep your eye on the spiritual. Love like there's no tomorrow because it is not guaranteed. Love everyone regardless of their skin color, age, status or looks. Go for the goal, because merely playing to everyone's eyeballs will continue to blind your own. You are precious beyond any magazine photo. Take yourself serious or take a hike down the bayou by the ocean, and walk till you sink. Because that is what you are doing anyways." ~Puya the Pleiade~ 1 of 12 guides

**Translation by Puya? Drowning in self hate.

As you can see, they're all about LOVE. And it seems, they're in total agreement with my dear brother Matt Kahn. With his, "whatever arises, love that." A book that goes to your heart and soul. One I'm halfway thru and DIGGIN'!

Doesn't matter the situation or circumstance. From a bad hair day to wondering how you're gonna make it thru thee end of the month. With more month than money left. As they all say... Love what arises.

Once you do it enough, you'll have found peace. With its trickle effect. Love.

In editing my words with theirs, and Homa giving me title... Me: how's that?

Homa: wonderful!

May you be blessed


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