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Love, Not War

"Anger does to a body what poison does to your blood. You get what you give. Or, you give what you get. Love can dissolve the hardest of hearts. It can turn a sinking ship around, and calm the roughest waters. Anger management can be had by cleaning your liver. It goes beyond any system of belief. People abuse their body then wonder why they can't forgive. They also don't understand why they can't control their temper.

Carmen has been preaching this for years. Yet anger and unforgiveness remain. If peace, love and joy are what you seek, clean your liver. Only then can you live, love, learn and let go. Once you do that, you will know peace. If you don't, you will remain stuck in misery, pain and hate.

When life hands you lemons, you can make lemonade. Or do what Carmen did and try your best and make it one you won't believe. She still can't believe all the gifts she is getting. Nine and counting. Wait till she starts her Ascended Master journey." ~mom with wings~

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