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Love Like You Mean It

"Love one another like you do yourself. Only then will you realize the capacity your heart has to love. For it is in going within that you can touch the heart of others. Once you can establish that connection, the world is your oyster.

In writing the book on love, one can only wonder what all love entails. You've heard it time and time again in the Bible, but do you really know what love is? To love another, you've got to love yourself. Plain and simple. How do you know if you love yourself? By the way you treat others. And by what has priority in your life.

Do you love your neighbor more than you love yourself? Do you love your dog more than you love yourself? And what about the vehicle you drive, how is that treating you? Then there's your job. Your beloved paycheck. Is that the God you worship? Is that who you put before the God that created you? Answer me young man.

What'll it be? Your God or your job? Your job or yourself? Yourself or the naked women on the beach? Or the women in your everyday life that you undress with nothing more than your eyes? And you call yourself a Child of God? What happened to you? Were you not once a deacon boy? One who wholeheartedly put their faith in the God who created him? Answer me my Child.

For the rest of you. Who are your idols? Who and what do you put before me? Who and what do you put before yourself? And before those you love? Or those you say you love? A simple question that does not need contemplating. Where you have your eyes set, determines your priorities.

Now answer me this. How long will it take for you to see what's important? A month? A year? Or a lifetime? You do not come here knowing when your time is up. So why not make the best of your life today? And I can tell you this. Life in the eyes of me, your God, was not intended to revolve around money. No Siree. Love yes, but not money. And that is the mistake I see in today's world. People worship the mighty dollar and all its presidents before me. And you expect me to bless you? This goes to everyone.

For, to love money and all that it can buy, more than yourself, is to sell your soul to the devil. And to flaunt what money can buy on "social media," double trouble. Nowhere in the history of mankind was this ever allowed. And to think you've "got it made" with all you have to show for it, simply shows your ego roaring its GINORMOUS ugly head. YES, it's still me talking. God your father amongst the Heavens. A place where everyone knows your name, your thoughts, and your deepest darkest secrets. Your wishes, your fears. And the state of your mind, heart, and soul.

Now get this. Nowhere on God's green earth did I intend for green to come in the form of any dollar. Or currency for that matter. And to think I've just begun with this message. Where on God's planet, yes mine, did I intend for money to be your first love? Nowhere. Not even for a split second. Yet, to most, that is what money can buy. One word, love. Love for what? Your soul? Your eyesight? The clothes on your back? For Heavens sake, what has gotten into the likes of all of you? Yes you who wear your hair all prim and proper? Yet, whose shoulder would melt that of your neighbors. On suspicion alone, one can only gather thee amount of putrification that goes on inside your very soul. Yes beloveds, it is still me talking. God your father in Heaven, and amongst the stars and every other planet for that matter. Yes dear ones, the time is near for planet earth to shape shift and become the "new earth" the few enlightened souls know about. And have begun preparing themselves for. For in due time, your earth will be like none you've ever seen. Complete with beaches where there were none. And horse fields and brimstone. None that no walking soul of today's earth has ever seen. Believe you me, what is in store for you Earthlings.

Some of which, California will most notably be forever changed. A place our Saint has already taken precautions to be ahead of the wave. And one, her newest ET "Guides" have also shed light on in an upcoming post, later today. That's right folks, our Saint did not just score big on the perfect home, she did so at the help of all 128 of us. With 127, formerly known as Guides, now being referred to as experts. Experts that make up, Saint Carmen's Fire team, to be more exact.

And while yes, we are all still her "Guides," we've collectively decided to go by the name of "team." Excluding me of course. For I inhabit many names and wear many hats. However, none of which single me out as a male figure. But back to live, for that is what this post is about.

In wrapping up today's post on love. Ask yourself what you want to be known for. Money or love? To those that choose money over love, I pity your soul and the ground you walk on. For in doing so, love eludes you. In which case, you will never have enough of either. Money may buy sex, but it will never buy the love I intended all to enjoy. Wholeheartedly, pure and as innocent as the day you were born.

I leave you with one thought. If tomorrow were your last day, where would you spend it? That's it. Amen and Amen." ~God, your father Heaven~

WOW! Wasn't expecting that message. And to think we've got an entire Bible to rewrite. Our God is an AWESOME God.

With love as our priority, we can conquer all. And in the words of brother Matt, "thank you, I love you, and may you be blessed."


Me: good to go? Woo Hoo Di, we love it! Amen and Amen.

**newest ET guides introduced themselves in thee, Earth Has Landed post.

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