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Love Like A Child

"Remembering a time when you were young conjures up love, fun and forgiveness. What changed? Your heart, your soul, your outlook on life? No my darlings. You! It's in your eyes and all in your head. Nothing more, nothing less.

For a fraction of a minute, you think you can conquer the world. Next hundred minutes is time wallowing in what, sadness for planet earth.? No my friends, it's more like your hairstyle, a chipped fingernail, or for you men out there, a bald spot growing at the speed of lightening. All of which appear very real, but from here we laugh. Not at you, but at thee amount of time you earthlings spend in worry.

Worry this, worry that. And those my friends are what's killing you from thee inside out. Adding more misery to your madness. Yes, if only you could see what we see. So trivial, yet eating at the hearts and souls of many. With those being only three examples of the mentality of planet earth. From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, all most of you do is compare this with that and you against others.

Shoot your damn TV already! It's a nightmare on steroids, waiting to haunt your every waking hour. Yes. That's what it looks like from here. You think I'm kidding?

Think again, as God gives me a high five from afar. Yes it's true, Carmen and God talk on a daily basis. A comedy act those two. She hasn't been posting much lately, but boy do they talk. Until the wee hours at times. Which often times includes strict rules and focused attention. All for very good reason. She's being seasoned as the world's highly sought after Medium. But God wants me to stop there. This post was supposed to be short, per my sister Carmen. I was just so excited to share my thoughts with her and all of you already.

This is Wusa by the way. I'm one of four Pleiadians, ET's you could say, that first made contact with our dear sister and friend. You may remember us from the beginning of her journey that dates back to December of last year. Were we scared to make contact? You bet! But as Saint Carmen just reminded us, if it weren't for us, she would not have over one hundred Extraterrestrials on her team. That goes by the name of St. Carmen's Fire. But I can tell she's getting restless talking about her again, so I best stop there. Whew!

Yes we talk a lot like her. We all do, and that's what makes it so much fun! But wanna know a secret (in case you didn't already know)? She speaks our language too! Giddy up! Yes, without realizing, she got that one from us. Oh boys and girls. If you could only see with your own two eyes how lovely life can truly be, you'd be amazed at all the wonders in the world taking place, right before your very eyes. But I mustn't talk a mile-a-minute. One, because our sister is trying to keep up. And two, she and I will begin our book next week. As she says, YAY! With a grin on her face and smile in her heart. Woo Hoo we both say in concession.

But really dearly beloveds. Do yourselves a favor. Embrace all that we share. As more people become aware that life outside of planet earth exists, more will be revealed to you. And I can tell you right here and now, it won't have anything to do with what you gleam important. You know, all the political party stuff that has many of your heads wrapped around. Or eyes fixated on what he said and she said. Stop! It has become very nauseating for us all. We lost count, but know it's nearing the two hundred mark. With gazillions of others in agreement up here in the Heavens.

One final thought and I do promise it to be the last one. Forgive one another and watch what happens.

That's it for today. Goodbye my love. Oh no. God wants us to say, Amen and Amen. So be it. Almost forgot title. Please call it what you like. But before we edit, we love you and you and you and all of you. Yes. We're more than just sugar and spice and everything nice. We come with love in our heart and wisdom in our soul. Nighty night. MUAH!" ~Wusa, my Pleiadian pal~

And there you have it. And how right she is!

If you're curious about who my dear brave Pleiadians are and what they're about, here's their definition. For now, I gleam in the thought of writing our book.

May you all be blessed to love like a child.


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