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Love It Or Leave It

A major pet peeve of mine is when people comment at length on detox, when they've never even tried it. Or know what to expect or how to do if they did.

"We have a misconception we can “cleanse” the body by following a “detox” diet. This is a complete fallacy. To explain this process one must first understand... "

He goes on to talk about products. Sure there are many products that don't work. Which is precisely why I'm a huge fan of old school, no fluff, folk remedies. Those with fewest ingredients and/or that I make myself.

Of the dozens of ways to detox I recommend, only 2 kidney cleanses (to eliminate stones) I have not tried.

To judge any type of detox without trying it, is pure ignorance. Conversation or not. If you've gotta pose the question on whether a liver cleanse is needed, or actually works, just exudes you haven't a clue.

For thee uneducated on DETOX. That's like saying your vehicle never needs an oil or filter change. YIKES!

Conversation/article does mention to use diet to keep your liver free from toxins. If only the SAD (standard American diet) diet consisted of wholesome food. You can use diet to detox, but it takes much longer and you need real food for it to begin.

And, environmental toxins aren't thee only way to dirty your liver or body. Like water that sits too long, constipation causes food to ferment. YEP, it rots! And for most, chewing gum and deodorant are used to mask the stench.

Without regular maintenance, your body begins to poison itself further. The waste has to go somewhere. For some, they've already been given a "leaky gut" diagnosis. Or, gallstones. For others, plaque that can lead to a stroke or heart attack. The list goes on.

Whether you breath in a toxin, apply to your skin, or eat and drink it, the toxin producing ingredients do enter your body. Like the air and oil filter, they're there to trap what doesn't belong. Your body is no different. Except your filters (liver, kidneys, lungs, etc) can't be replaced as easily. Meanwhile, the toxicity enters your bloodstream.

You don't need science or a doctor to tell you what your body needs. You also don't need them telling you what doesn'twork. To call detox snake oil, is to call every mechanic full of $#!T. There's a time and a place to clean both, your body and vehicle. To believe otherwise just goes to show, your mind, body and spirit are in DIRE need of a detox. Only when, all are clear can you think common SENSE-ically. Detox won't just allow your mind to open, it'll help open your 3rd eye. It does wonders on integrity, forgiveness and your 6th sense too. Done deep down and long enough, you get even more benefits.

I did not become a Medium (with many other gifts) by having my head in the sand. Or my body full of waste.

To err is human, but to be so ignorant is self imposed. And pathetic.

Meanwhile, mechanics know thee importance of keeping any engine clean. And give it proper fuel. You're aging quickly to believe otherwise.

Instead of a check engine or oil light, your body puts out signals. Breakouts, allergies, anger, blurred vision, headaches and other signs are your warnings. Some of which can also happen when you begin to detox. Which sends many into believing they've gotten worse. If at first you don't succeed in detox, try again.

This list of side effects can be great (as in, HIGH 5) during a detox. Just means you're peeling thru layers of waste. And you've become a bit sensitive to the poisons coming out. However, if those signs and symptoms happen without detoxing, more reason to do one. But, they're worth every benefit on this list.

It doesn't take much to see or feel a difference. After helping another with a liver cleanse last weekend, here's what she said, not even 24 hours later...

And, of all those I've shown how to connect to our higher power (God and/or loved ones), she's become hooked. She's also begun asking for guidance in regards to her diet. And after one day... As for thee article, it wasn't entirely BOGUS. But calling a liver cleanse a fallacy, is!

"To have a well-functioning liver you simply have to eat healthy foods and limit your consumption of substances, such as alcohol, that cause it to work harder. Excessive consumption of any one particular food may contribute to an increased load on the liver." ~Nick Fuller~

In a perfect world Nick!

So, does detox work? You won't know till you try it. But, YES! Question is... Do you love yourself enough to do it?

May you decide while you still can.


Me: yes? Di, you're really good at knowing what the body needs. May they be blessed by your words. If only, something to ponder. But as you say, common sense should tell them. And when it doesn't, more reason to take your word for it. Rome was not built in a day. Detox takes time. But aren't you worth it? That's it my Child. Me: thank you. This is God? God: yes Ma'am. Me: oh Lord! God: Not to insinuate you're old either. Me: WHEW! Oooh, do you have a title? God: Love It Or Leave It

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