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Love In The Midst of A Storm

Valentine's, Mother's Day, and/or any other day marked on your calendar is not, good enough reason to show the women in your life, LOVE. Or anyone for that matter. My guides are all about love. And I for one, a HAPPY CAMPER to have so many. Of, what Dr. Gonzalez refers to them/us as. A team. With them being my team of experts.

I cannot WAIT to get thru introducing this awesome, ever growing, fun, knowledgable and oh so loving team. This morning I confirmed... 40-NINE Guides. These two then said. And counting. I Can Dig It! They tend to be, pretty darn clever on when and what messages they give. They apparently see one or more hombres/men in need of un mensaje/a message.

"Men are a dime a dozen, unless they respect you. If they don't, a woman is just a maid of sorts." ~Mom with wings and William, her ASU Farming Professor~

My Professor has tuned in He's also met the beauty I left school to be with, I wanna say help, which I did. It just wasn't in the Gung Ho natural healing way I set out to do. However, with love and care came respect for her decision.

Lucky for me, she is now very much a fan of what I do. We're gonna do a post about it sooner than later. A "say NO to CHEMO" type one.

Anyhow, my list of what I want to write about continues to grow. Quite heavenly, if you ask me. It is indeed a great time to be walking this planet earth. And its three waves of Ascension.

For those who choose to ride it, that is. Because, it isn't always a walk in the park or piece of cake (getting thru it). Especially at my Ascended Master level. All I can say is... Do what my brother Matt Kahn (and his book) say, "Whatever Arises, Love That." That, YOURSELF, and those around you of course.

May you be blessed to love and be loved.

Carmen, thee Urban Ascended Master

**in editing, got their 2 👍🏼's UP, a title and... "Very good."

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