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Lost In Translation

Staying in Hell is easy, going thru it, not. Like natural healing, takes getting worse to get to the other side. We are all a diamond in the rough, the degree we choose to shine at is our own prerogative. But why remain a lump of coal by losing sight of your soul's goal. Getting out of the maze is easier said than done, I know. But every one deserves a second chance at Ascension. Like one big treasure hunt, gotta play to win.

Here's God to explain...

"What we see here is failure to move mountains. Because that is what you are doing, inch by inch. When the world is at your feet, who do you blame? Your president? When your health lets you down, your doctor? What about your spirit? Me? That has been a lame excuse from the beginning of time. The time most of you believe I created. Was there a Big Bang? Yes and no.

If Heaven on Earth is what you want, start practicing your freedom. That being with your planet. The world is no longer for the weak. Those surviving the harshest of environments not imposed of their own free will, will gain the will of God. Still me talking. If Jesus were alive he would lay down the rules of Ascension. Because he no longer is, you are lost. Not even churches know of his loss.

**God faded out needing a break.

God: I am back. What we have here is failure to do your homework. You know the kind that multiplies when you don't? The very kind that can set you free? If Heaven on Earth is what you want, get out of the dungeon. Those are for dragons. Expect your world to turn upside down. Give thanks when it does. Last place your soul needs is religious sanctuaries. They are in on the best kept secrets of your world. The kind money has to offer, that they get for free.

Dark side is real and getting past them will leave you hopeless and in pain until you breakthrough to the other side. If you are called crazy, give thanks that you are almost there. Lost in Ascension happens."

Like the movie Lost In Translation, there will be bouts of loneliness, and the feeling you are in a foreign land. There is no place like home. However, it will take one HELLUVA lot more on your part to find it. Dis-ease can set you free. Taking the easy way out just postpones it. Unless your medically trained doctor knows the spirit side of health, RUN! Medication is not the solution to Earth's pollution.

May the Source be with you to explore the dark side of Ascension. The very kind those who gave up on now blasphemate. Hate will get us nowhere. Gotta show the bright side of the Universe what you are made of, and be fearless towards the rest. Before long you will have passed every test.

Play like you mean it or stay off the playing field, God says. I'm just the Messenger. Lost in Ascension or stuck in suspension, what'll it be?

In spirit with love,


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