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Live Comfortably Without The Hoard

"You do not take a leap of faith in comfort. You do it, without it. In good times or bad. You take what is needed to manage all that is required to live comfortably. You do not hoard more, "just in case." You let go, in order to receive. You give, in order to get. You get what you give. You get out of life, what you put in. You make your bed in the manner you want. You make your life to be heaven on earth or Hell on wheels.

You start by loving yourself enough to take the risks needed to make your world a beautiful place. One day at a time and soon you'll be where you want to be. Carmen does not understand why she is not getting what she gives. All we can say is, soon. She is beyond weary and in physical pain. But this is where her strength is honed. We hate to see her in tears. She will be blessed and comfortable soon." ~mom with wings and William, her ASU Professor and friend~

Had I not gone thru what I did on the mountain. Using every ounce of strength, courage and faith, I didn't know I could muster more of. I'd wanna give up lately. It is because I persevered that I received. Thee unbelievable blessing of becoming a Medium. Among many other gifts, I have yet to share. I just wish their timeline ran parallel to ours.

As for believing. Had Matt Kahn not selected me in a dream, days before seeing him online. Experiencing that, keeps me going. The massive Ascension that followed being chosen. More reason to not lose faith or hope.

Needless to say, my rosary came precisely when I needed it. Keeps me calm in the midst of what I perceive, as a mini tornado. And so I wait.

May you be blessed with courage to let go and strength to carry on.

How's that? Them: that's beautiful. We lusm (love you so much)

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