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Life Will Let You Down

Yes it will. But, your response doesn't have to let it last.

Be stopped in your tracks, or see it for what it is. Your journey. My days begin in conversation with 1 or more of my 86 Guides. It's a real treat when we can get a message written before thee 18-wheels begin their trek.

Back to back days with mother have been extra special. I was especially delighted on what they observe.

"Get out of life what you put into it. When life gives you lemons, clean your liver. When life gives you parsley, clean your kidneys. When life gets rough, get tough. When life makes you mad, get real. When life makes you sad, don't try to make a deal.

When life gets to you, make it a priority to be nice. When life doesn't make sense, love what arises.

When life gets to you, give thanks no matter what. When life takes you where you don't want to go, faith will get you thru. And when life serves you pain, take the natural approach.

When life let's you down, you're well aware of how to take it by the horns. Just do all thee above. That's what Saint Carmen is doing." ~Mom with wings~

Yes. That and a whole lot of laughing. While I follow all their requests to a "T."

Since being chosen for this role, I run everything past them. From what to eat and drink to what I'm going to wear.

This morning they were so funny! When it came time to decide, socks up or down. They had me stand up. After a meeting of the minds, my 86 Guides voted on, up to the knees. I can DIG it!

When I asked, what do they call themselves when it comes to my attire, their response? Fashion Police ☺️ I love it! I also love that 2 of those 86 are quite versed in that area. Two, I have yet to introduce.

It was Dr. Gonzalez that referred to all as a team. Well. This team just keeps getting more and more exciting. They've even given themselves a name. That'll be a post of its own.

Anyhow, whatever life serves you. May you be blessed to see it for what it is. An opportunity for growth, faith, love and a ton of kindness. ✌🏼️


Me: how's what I wrote before and after? Sweet! Me: is this mother? No Me: all 86? Yes, with a big HAPPY DANCE ME: sweet!

**Followed by off the record talking...

✌🏼️❤️ and a breath of blessed air!

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