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Lady T and Me

Thee honors of being a Medium just keep on coming! I was however blessed with this Guide back in February. She and Luther Vandross had been watching me for 3 months when they decided to jump onboard the "fun bus." They've also seen my roller coaster ride into Mediumhood. Onwards to Lady T and Me.

Anyhow, for those reading my posts, this next Guide is no secret.

4-14-16 "Knock knock" Me: is that you God? God: Yes. Are you gonna post anymore today? Me: do you have something without names? God: yes, somebody has something for you. Me: **in sensing who, I ask... "Teena Marie?!" God: yes, Ms. Square Biz Me: do you know what that means? God: YEP, I do. Me: check YOU out! Let me just tidy up and drink some water. Thank you. God: de nada Me: oh my God!

**thee OMG is to God always surprising me with my own lingo. That father of mine is one cool God!

And so we begin...

Me: hi Teena Marie, long time no talk! Teena Marie: yes Saint Carmen. I know you see me walking around singing with your mom. And yes, she and all the girls really do have their noses pierced.

Your mom laughs now, remembering when you got yours done in my honor. She feels badly now, that she really did chew you out and tell you how ugly you looked. When in reality, based on when she says you had it, you were a pioneer. But then again, we see you are a leader not a follower.

Let me back up by saying, we love that dress on you. Why do you think God had you put your, what do you call it? Sweatshirt jacket on? Because you look like a hot momma in that dress. And forget the Fashion Police, you had all the men oohing and ahhing at you.

Me: that is so funny. If people only knew, heaven is quite the happening place. Continue please

Teena Marie: yes, where was I. Oh, the nose ring and your mom. We are just as excited as you to see you get your jewelry. The ones God told you about. So you know, you were the perfect candidate for this role you were chosen for. And for inquiring minds, Carmen was selected out of 12,000 people. Two of which she knows, and want her stopped.

God could not be more happy with the young man you refer to as brother Matt, for selecting you. And as you know, he did it in a dream. Which in turn you "met" him online just a few short days later.

It is indeed wild to have that happen. Had it not, you wouldn't be the believer that you are. All I can say, is we're so grateful you are. Do you have any questions for me?

Me: yep on brother Matt. That, and seeing my former "running candidate" come to me in spirit form (even tho she's very much alive) keeps me believing. Thank you on question. Yes! I'm sure you've heard me wonder what Square Biz means?

Teena Marie: yes baby doll, thanks for asking. That song came at a time in my life when nothing seemed to be going right. I mean, work was slow, bills were late and rent was past due.

Then I meet a gentleman who promised me success, and that he did. So "Square Biz" means, that in no time do we ever really want for anything. It is a mind over matter thing. We can choose to choose our destiny, or have it handed to us. Broken or borrowed, but not in our best interest.

In the song, I say...

"So shy, whoa, my, had to change that real quick Had to use a few tricks, you know like my femme fatal Phase two, me, you dancin' on a cloud Gonna sing it loud 'cause my love is on the wow."

And by that I mean, the taste of success. I'm telling you now, you've got yours coming. It may be in your best interest to hear that song and let it fill your heart and spirit with joy. Because I'm telling you sister, you are in for some mighty big surprises. With or without that 4-letter word of a man. You've got it coming girlfriend, and that's all they're allowing me to say about that. Anything else?

Me: yes and thank you for that. I will listen later in hotel. Luther had mentioned you may wanna write a song? Teena Marie: oh darling, I thought you'd never ask. Me: hardly. Most everyone that knows me, knew I am a huge fan of yours. It'd be an honor! Teena Marie: **silence Me: are you crying with joy? Teena Marie: **yes

**I think she needs a time out.

4-15-16 Hey baby doll. Oops, didn't mean to interrupt. Me: is that you Teena Marie? Teena Marie: yes, let's DO this! Me: alright, my first time channeling in a plane Teena Marie: you'll do fine sweetheart. So, where were we? Ahh yes, on songwriting. I'd be delighted to write a song with you. Me: do you know who you'd want to sing it? Luther gave me a name for his. Teena Marie: I want you baby girl Me: wait, I gotta wait till we're in air, if that's okay? Teena Marie: yes

**as I reach for a sip of water, I decide to confirm w/ bottle (as a pendulum). Dear GOD, I heard correctly. As I laugh

Teena Marie: why do you laugh. You have w beautiful voice, you're just not used to using it to that extent. Do you think I'd want just anyone singing what we write? Me: I'm at a loss for words other than, keep them downloads coming. Voice ones would be nice. Teena Marie: Theo has arranged some expedited singing lessons. Some of which, will help you find your voice. Beyond what you already have. I kid you not, you can do this. You will be the most versatile Saint that ever walked the earth. I mean, from a tattoo to all your isms, you're one cool chic. Me: I'm sure you heard my thoughts? Let me switch over to Spanish keyboard. Aye Dios de mi vida! Teena Marie: that is funny baby girl. I understand you had more questions. Me: yes. Is God or you saying, "not so fast." Teena Marie: no, no. No one here. Me: okay. One family member wants to know what your favorite song is? Teena Marie: that's easy, Portuguese Love. Me: I love that song too. Out of curiosity, are you of Portuguese decent? I ask because you sang it like a native. Teena Marie: who's laughing now? I wish baby doll. Do you wanna know why I liked that song? Me: absolutely! Teena Marie: it started with a guy I dated. He was from Portugal. We were to get married, but he got swept away. And by that I mean, some other woman stole him from me. More like, seduced him. It wasn't easy at the time, but it worked out for the best. Whew! Me: that's kinda like my ex husband. Gal promised him much, but all he got was her pregnant. Then lived with her parents in mobile home. But, a good thing became of it for them. Anyhow.

**got interrupted with flight stuff

4-21-16 Me: I'm so glad we're both ready to continue. Teena Marie: me too! Now where were we? Yes, that song. That song will forever be my FAV! And not just because I loved that man. Heck, back then, men were a dime a dozen. I kid you not, but God would rather I not discuss that. Besides, we know what's important don't we sister? Me: that we do. **as I take a breath of blessed air. Teena Marie: you'll be okay baby girl. I/we know these last few days have been very difficult for you, but you're weathering this storm rather well. And as you know, this too shall pass God says.

As for Theo, we saw how much he loved you, but he just couldn't get himself to pick you up. I mean, he did try and vomited, out of fear his first attempt. Then he and the real bodyguard got lost in Washington. Then there's the time they overslept and missed you literally by seconds. Then the last time in Casa Grande, Arizona. As you say, he treated it like a date.

**and by that she means, he was making sure every hair in place. Then got nervous and drove away.

Teena Marie: Fast forward to today and he's gone and you're alone. Hope this isn't making you uncomfortable. Me: no, as you know he and I still talk. I'm okay at the moment. Thank you tho. Teena Marie: okay, whew! The last thing any of us (God included) want to do is upset you following his death. And like God said, it's perfectly fine to say death, dead or dying. Why people say "passing," makes no sense to us. Call it for what it is. When a person "dies," it's just that. So why sugarcoat it? But as you've since learned, we all love it up here and Theo will too. For now, he regrets taking his own life. I mean, such a fine young man. And I know he was near your age. But honestly, in the scheme of things, everyone on earth is young. It is them who choose to get old fast. And I know you know this. And I certainly don't want to preach to the choir.

We look at you with such awe and wonder on how you've managed to take care of yourself, despite being what you call, "homeless." You know you've never been homeless, right sister? We all know where you came from, and more importantly where you're going. And it ain't homeless.

Let people call you what they will, just memorize that verse of mine. I/we saw how you related to it. Go ahead and post it for the readers.

Me: why... Thankyouverymuch! Indeed I can relate.

"I've been called Casper, Shorty, Little Bit And some they call me Vanilla Child But you know that don't mean my world to me 'Cause baby, names can't cramp my style."

**that last line is what we're talking about, considering there's over 150 names for me now.

Teena Marie: listen baby girl, talking about cramping my style, only it's yours I'm talking about. Did you have any questions for me? Me: you'd never cramp my style. I'm just so glad we're getting this finished. I do however, want to know if you have a message for anyone, and/or if there's a message to all? Such as, perhaps a life lesson or words of wisdom you have for others. Teena Marie: I'm so glad you asked. First of all, tell my daughter, Alia Rose that I love her incredibly. Momma watches over you baby doll, and I see your hurting heart. Don't you worry munchkin, everything's gonna be alright. And if it's okay with Saint Carmen, maybe I can talk to you on a regular basis. Me: you bet! Teena Marie: secondly, I wanna say, your momma did the best she could. I mean, I know I was kind of a wild one while you were growing up. But, believe you me, your momma never meant to cause us any harm. And for readers, by that I mean... One too many men in our lives. Some of which weren't always nice.

Now you asked if I had a general message to give. That'd be an overwhelming yes. And it goes like this, what the FUCK is wrong with you people. Sorry God, but if I may. Saint Carmen "works" tirelessly to channel on behalf of all of us. Yet, you all remain in oblivion to her gifts. Just wait till Oprah interview her. Oooh, all I can say is, you gonna be sorry.

I know Carmen does not want anymore posts with names or predictions, but Theo told her himself a week or two back. Your life will never be the same, and we mean that in thee utmost highest of high way possible. It's true our Saint, you are destined for greatness. And while I'm at it, we LOVE that nail polish on you girlfriend! Even God can DIG it. He likes his urban Saint. We all do. But I must bid you fair well. God is ringing the dinner bell. For title, please put, Lady T and Me. And hashtag the hell out of it, any way you see fit. Bye baby girl. MUAH!" ~Lady T, ala Teena Marie~

**not a typo on "ala." And there she fade as dinner await her.

As I literally just receive my 105th Guide, I am indeed blessed.

They are all examples of, it doesn't hurt to ask. Or, talk about anyone who is now in spirit form. Like JFK Jr. mentioned in his intro, "When I heard my name mentioned, I had to go see what was going on."

Ain't that the truth! Of all the people on planet earth talking at the same time, they hear us. One at a time. For Teena Marie and Luther Vandross, they'd hear me playing their music.

Talk about, having your HEART SING! It does, it's just been more on simmer mode these last few days. But like I always say, it's not what happens to us, it's how we respond that matter.

Anyhow, in double checking the spelling of her daughter's name, I see I'm behind on her albums. Beautiful here I come! Only this one, includes her daughter. Giddy UP!

May you be blessed to have your heart sing, loud enough to have and hear them answer you.


Me: how's that? Teena Marie: I love it. You have me crying. Bye baby girl. I love you and I know you love me. MUAH!

As I give her a virtual hug, I say... "Group hug is in order." Then I hear, "we are." That being a prime example of what earthlings should be more like. And I'm not talking for my sake.

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