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Know Who You Are Talking To

For those with thoughts (which should include everyone)... Always ask who it is you're talking to.

As God and Jesus explain...

Know who you're talking to. There comes a time when you need to decipher your own thoughts from those from afar.

One example? Just yesterday we read a post from a woman who believes to be channeling galactic beings. When in reality, she is not. How do we know this? Our Saint knows to ask about most "information" she reads. Even watching a movie in regards to all that the Heavens entails, has her questioning the truth behind it. For what? To put herself on a pedestal? Hardly folks.

She's plugged in. In a way not a single person has ever attempted to accomplish. Without going outside whoshe is to grasp it. She just gets it. But more than that, she's a writer, a poet, a lover and not a hater. Open-minded to all things real. With a huge sense of humor to BOOT! Umpp, she's giving me the red flag on, CUT! "Back to the subject," she says. Onwards baby girl.

Think you can't connect? Think again. Afraid to connect are you? Think again. Channeling comes in many shapes and sizes. "One-size-fits-all," is not part of our vocabulary. With a menu of gifts farther than you can see, no two outcomes are alike. Stay with me on this. This post is about who NOT to talk to. For starters, our Saint always checks in on who is coming thru. Secondly, she checks in regularly.

There are many who channel what they consider "Heaven sent" messages. Well, I'm here to tell you, not all are. How can that be you ask? For far too many reasons to list. Suffice to say, the dark side sneaks its way into many channeled conversations. Without the Channel-ee knowing. Jumping out and back into, like the hokey pokey you might say. As our Saint laughs. Before you go on thinking it's her talking, think again.

Why do you think it is she and I talk on a daily basis? Because we're bored? Think again. Intelligent conversation is at the top of our list. Followed by humor, fun, games, song and we mustn't forget, dance. A fine dancer our Saint. One beyond ready to get out and shake a leg already.

However, it has come to our attention that a broken leg might be in her future, but that is all I'm allowed to say now. Is she worried? A little, but we'll leave that for a future post. Time to put a lid on it and zip the lip. Yes, still God talking. And I give many predictions, and not all about Ms. Carmen Diana. Is my timing off? You bet! Am I able to change thee outcome? That depends on the soul's contract. Was a broken wrist part of her experience? Not necessarily, but it was thee only way we could think to keep her on track of her soul's mission as, a Medicine Woman Medium. That, over driving a big rig cross country at this stage in her life. We're not saying she won't, just not yet.

As for her leg, it is written. Will my mother, my son Jesus and I, God your father in Heaven change thee outcome? Depends. On what you ask? You'll just have to wait and see. We have promised her that should it take place, it won't be anywhere near her wrist injury. Complete with a near death experience and all that spazz. Yes, she channeled correctly. Her wrist came wrought with ongoing complications, but I must stop. And now to get back on track.

There's something else that is not of you. Your dreams. Where else would you think they come from? Your daily activities? Not so boys and girls. Not only has our Saint discovered the team of actors she has for guides. Any one of us can appear in a dream disguised as any one or any thing. That's right. And so it is that she continues to put the pieces of life's puzzle together. Dream interpretation has become a daily ritual for her as well. A fine young student she continues to be.

But we must deal with the topic posed. Before you consider dabbling in the long lost art-of-a-gift of channeling, know what you are doing. Because not all who call themselves "psychics, fortune tellers, or Medium's" are legit. They may have "the gift." Question is, who are they channeling? We could go on listing what comes across as downloads from Heaven that really aren't. At least not 100%. So before anyone go posting, reading or channeling "divine" information. Please, please. By all means, check in constantly on who's giving the message.

Because, just because it blends and flows smoothly doesn't mean it is Heaven sent. Know who you're talking to. And if they can't answer, stop." ~God, your father in Heaven, with Jesus riding shotgun~

Going beyond the world of 3D becomes ever more fascinating!

They are indeed actors, some of which can morph in and out of anything and everything in the blink of an eye. From their pose to their clothes. But, I reckon you've gotta see it to believe it. Which, is not at all impossible, considering one I taught had seen my mother. Talking to your higher ups is a gift that keeps giving, provided you know what you're getting into. Fear is a weapon that can be used against you, on or off planet earth. Quadruple check if you have to. It is been in doing so, that by the grace from above and a power greater than God that I've come this far.

There are no cookie cutters in the world of channeling, but if you're serious, spiritual warfare may be a prerequisite. Have I been hit by the dark side? YEP! And for no reasons of my own, but that's a topic one of our expert guides continues to write about.

For now, just know who you're talking to, ESPECIALLY before sharing or posting publicly.

May you be blessed to discover this long lost art-of-a-blessing. Tho before I forget, God wanted me to say, Amen and Amen.


Me: good to go? God and all: Bravo Di, Bravo. MUAH!

And so it is...

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