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Killing of Farmers, Now Food on Fire

Waking up to our food supply on fire is no laughing matter. First the Paradise fires and now this across Mother Earth. Years ago I was shown the killing of farmers, now food on fire. Tho the latter is not a vision, sadly it has become a reality.

Coming from a young widowed mother of six, I was taught early on to not waste food or anything for that matter. It is only a matter of time before their sins on the world catch up to them. One by one, each will pay for the needless pain and suffering they have created for two+ years now. Till then, how much more evil can they get?

For years I’ve been hearing a loaf of bread will cost $10, well, thanks to the current administration it is not far off. Thank God I am no longer a huge bread eater, or wheat for that matter. But to the many households that rely on it as a staple this is hitting home hard. First meat now wheat. What’s next Obama? Bill Gates buying up farmland is no coincidence. By hook or crook, fire and famine, they are determined to depopulate and control the masses.

May their evilness spark a green thumb in us all. Only upside to raising prices and food shortages are it forces us to either raise and grow our own food, cook from scratch and/or eat less meat and wheat, which isn't all that bad for our health in the long run. However, for the parents out there, don't give up. God will be returning soon to set our world straight.

May all be blessed to keep the faith, remain strong and not allow anyone to steal your thunder.



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