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Just Pray

"When in doubt, pray. When confused, pray. When life let's you down, pray. When things get rough, pray.

What do all these have in common? It's what Saint Carmen did to reserve her spot with Heaven on earth. As she say, "wow." Timeless times she prayed thru it all. You can too. So before you call up that shrink in Beverly Hills, pray. We can thank Prince for that line.

But really what this post is about, is you. The reader. Stop with your nonsense again. Our baby girl was "tatted" per my strict orders. We wish you well. Those of you working up a sweat over it. Hell will be even hotter. Forgive me not, but you have no idea what she has been thru to arrive where she is today. And you know what? We haven't even finished with her blessings. More importantly, she is at absolute peace. The tattoos worked. As she say, "YAY!" We could not be happier with the outcome. Right baby girl?

Me: Woo Hoo. YES!! God: and there you have it. Stop already. Tho it's more like, get used to it. She is not only a force to be reckoned with, she's not leaving anytime soon. Thee End. Amen and Amen." ~God, her father in Heaven~

I should have known.

Transparency causes many to roar their even uglier side. God help them. Of course, it takes work most haven't the self respect to do.

Anyways, we lost count on the number of names I've been called as a true child of God. My list is long, but we stopped somewhere around one HUNDRED fifty. God says it's more like two hundred.

Meanwhile, this week's tattoos (yes plural) have brought on another 30+/- names. These being three God just informed me of.

  • Tatted Bitch

  • Tattoo Junkie

  • Tatted Whore

What a waste of your life!

To spend it judging others. DESPICABLE! Pathetic. It's gotta be flat out miserable to live as you do. I'd hate myself too, but sure as HELL would not direct it at others.

While majority of those "tatted" get it for their dire need of attention (and/or identity crisis), mine were Heaven sent. And for spirit world mostly. Like shaving my head, they are sacred.

For now, may you be blessed to become proficient at your backstroke. Because you're gonna need it. Hell on earth is one thing, judgement day another. Oh... God is chiming in, "You are too much."

Me: but it's okay? God: Di, it's great. It's why we chose you. You're fearless with words and actions. Now get ready. Me: yes, my osteopath is calling.

May the many name callers out there be blessed to pull themselves out from their Hell hole they've created. Because, FYI... God helps those that help themselves.

As I hear God say, "she's on a roll boys and girls." All I can say is, it gives me more of a voice. More power to me. So, thank you.

The End


"WOW. You amaze us. We love you so much." And I you!

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