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Jupiter Rising

With solstice comes changes. Jupiter is one planet that wanted to remain anonymous, until now.

Some of what they disclose would be an absolute cardinal sin to make up what they share. Afterlife happens. But what happens after that? Here they give a glimpse.

12-19-16 Me: What made you decide to come thru? Jupiter: Your tattoo **a future appointment for more protection. Crazy, but they work, and are all rather inconspicuous. Me: What can you tell me about your planet, thee Anunaki and protection? Jupiter: We thought you'd never ask. We are the planet of greatness. All planets are great, but ours surpasses them all in size. Why are we so big? Well for starters, you are talking to thee Anunaki. We see your fascination with all things real. When Earth was created we were the first to inhabit it. Yes, even before God and Jesus. We are the first Celestial Beings, created in the image of man and animal. Story has it we are but one electron away from our planet. That much is true. But how could that be, some ask.

When UTOT made us, we were to blend in with matter. No matter how you slice it, we could hide, like a gecko. **Off record intercepting Di, we have so much to tell you. Tomorrow's another day. 12-20-16 God: Di, Jupiter wants to talk. Jupiter: Di, sorry about last night. You get attacked more than anyone we’ve seen this century. We are but a fraction of how great you will be. We understand your frustrations on what feels like such a slow start. We did not intend for all the detours, bogus predictions, or heartache. There were no lies told, as you know. We are not masters at predicting. Time will show you that our predictions will ring true. What else do we have in-store for planet Earth? God says, they’ll just have to wait to read it in The Covenant of The Arc. A book dedicated to your mother. We see your heart in saying that, but the last thing she told us was, “take care of my Diana.” That we are, my darling. New paragraph.

We love seeing you channel. You are one-of-a-kind. A warrior on a mission to help jumpstart the New Earth. That’s it for now. This is Wizard by the way. Me: Wizard, I love youuuuuu. **as he fade off. You have know idea what He and I have been thru. Wizard: Di, you have know idea what we saw around you. You have been braver than anyone to grace planet Earth. You say "wow," not realizing what killed Jesus. Yes folks, Jesus and I were sent in to protect our beloved Saint. It was She who conquered. Doesn't matter where she goes lately, there are many trying to stop her dead in her tracts. We kid you not. In-person or not. Yet she prevails, always comes out smelling like a rose. Sunrose, a Native American name given to her years ago, for good reason.

Today marks one year that I have been watching you. There are many changes up ahead for you. Some you will not like (until the dust settles). Some we told you glimpses of, and others not. Rest assure, you will like the outcomes. As for thee Anunaki, it is true, I am one. Why I disguised myself as a Wizard was my idea. We did not want to scare you. But then again, it was We who got scared. You are wondering on your upcoming tattoo, is that correct? That design is spot on. It will help protect you further. The redesign of your Sigil will be outstanding, you have no idea. Turning it into a flag will protect you further. We are proud of you baby girl. Your gaining entrance into our Kingdom is no mistake.

While some go on wishing, you continue doing. You have surpassed all our expectations we had of you. Your secret? You never stop. What better way to become an expert at your craft, than practice? We do want to see you whip out your Tarot card deck, "daily" Osho says. That's it from me. Jupiter would like to have a word with you. MUAH. In spirit with love, Wizard."

Jupiter: Di, you are wondering what took us so long to go public, is that correct? You are not supposed to know this, but God just gave us two thumbs up. We were sent last year, just before your near death accident. They were at a loss on how to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life (this chapter of it, that is). We needed you home to get the job done. That job being, The Covenant of The Arc. Truth be told, we had commissioned two other Earthlings to help you write it. In seeing they did not have your best interest, and how you fell in love with Ancient Aliens, we picked you. Let's stop for now. 12-21-16 Jupiter: wow Di! You wonder where that comes from. For starters, your brain never stops, and you never cease with your inquiries. A straight-A student in our book, but let us finish. As you know, this post will chap the hiney's of most. Why? For two main reasons. 1. Jesus is indeed dead, and 2. We are who we say we are. Never in your life did you expect this to happen to you, but it did. You plugged in beyond anyone's wildest imagination. Not even those closest to you believe it entirely. It is however, there for the taking. It is also true the Anunaki reside here. A forgotten race? Hardly! We are a mixed race here on Jupiter. Wondering what those are? You'll just have find out in The Covenant of The Arc, due out by Easter 2017. Should our baby girl get her life back.

It's one thing to care for youth. But grown adults another. Then, to be demanded of more. What was that about? We are at a loss. Your time will come, that's why we will no longer sit quiet. You saw karma already the day following that, and we couldn't be happier for the action you took. Talk about three cheers, we did a standing ovation. In awe, mind you. Here's God to close the conversation. For title, please use, Jupiter Rising, with the photo you found."

God: Di, hold tight to your seatbelt. You're in for the ride of your life. That's all I'm allowed to say. We know you hate public predictions, but we also need to "warn" you. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge." ~God, your father in Heaven~

I'll just close by saying, my open mind and soul got me connected. Those, and praying to thee entire Heavens and Galaxy. Yes, the dark side continues to roar their ugly head, but I'm happy to say the worst is behind me. Thanks to the creator of thee entire Universe, UTOT. Like Battlestar Galaxia, my wish is her command. She wipes them out, never to return. Off they go to thee "after," thee afterlife, where my mom and Jesus went. For different reasons.

Very heartwarming thee upcoming book will be dedicated to her. I am forever thankful for the 8+/- months of afterlife spent with her. May you be blessed to connect at the level that's right for you.

In spirit, with love,


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