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Jenni Rivera Is Back In Full Swing

Jenni just happens to be a favorite artist of one of my sisters. Ever since this sister asked for her, Jenni has been my Guide.

Gifted and powerful do NOT do her justice. She is, what I consider a true Hero. If you've ever felt like throwing in the towel, you may wanna read her story.

She's another example of, life is short. However, for all she accomplished, you wouldn't think so. Here she is to talk a little about a lot. Then ends with a message.

And while she goes back and forth between English and Spanish, you can get the gist. My keyboard and I did our darndest to spell correctly. Thee "**" are places I translate some.


"What does it take to adjust to your calling? You won't know till you try, will you? Growing pains are for the fearless. Comfort zone para ellos que tienen miedo. (**for those that are afraid.)

Siempre estamos in fear of thee unknown. Por qué? Why? Why do we fear what we don't know? Why must we need to know everything? Como sé quién las cartas? (**how do the cards fall?)

Volvemos saber lo que Dios dice. Sin falta. Esperamos el libro/bible nuevo. Cada palabra va venir de Dios. Nunca sabemos ninguna de nosotros tanto mentirás adentro de ese libro. Como puede hacer? Millones de años con un libro que es puro mentirás? Yet, tantos reciben dinero para regurgitate esos palabras."

(**return to what God said. We wait for the new bible. Every word will be from God. We had no idea what lies were in the bible. How can that be? Millions of years with a book that is all lies? Yet many are paid to regurgitate those words)

"Yes, I'm talking Spanglish. This is Jenni Rivera, singer-songwriter, extraordinaire. Nah, but don't get me started. Yes I had some unfinished business that I needed to tend to. Yes, my 4th marriage failed me miserably. And when the time is right, yo voy dicer que pasa. Y no fue culpa mía. Ninguna persona sabe quién Fernando es. Well, unos sí, pero ellos también vive un lie muy mala y grandísimo."

(**I will say what happened. It wasn't my fault. Not a single person know who Fernando is. Well, a few do, but they live a bad and huge lie.)

"Yo nunca sabía cómo viven personas que no saben que está pasando. Como les digo? Tantos, no. So many people work so hard to be somebody they're not. Por que? Why?! Por favor pare. Stop. Sí no para usted, hágalo para su papá. Dios. El único que a, given you life. Y para ellos que no críen ningún cosa, my heart cries out to you."

(**I never knew how people live without knowing. How do I say?)

**okay... She has let me off the hook on translating. But, on this paragraph, she wants you to be yourself. If not for you, do it for God.

"For it is believing that we receive. How do you think I made it so far in my career? You think it was pure luck? Ay que chistosos. Siempre piensan que era mi hermano or my dad. No darlings. I'm here to tell you, it was all me. Para ellos that read my book, you know what went down. From one asshole and broken marriage after another to many putas trying to bury me alive. You couldn't, could you?

Okay God, I won't go there. But yes, it took a plane crash to take my life. I was a force to not be reckoned with. And when you meet someone like that, by all means, honor them. We have promised Carmen we won't name names or give any predictions. She writes tirelessly on many things she cannot share publicly. Qué lágrimas. Para tener un gift tan grande, y no poder usar lo, yet.

Quiero dar mis goodbyes con esto...

Si quieren saber algo, pregunta. If you want to know something, ask. Don't assume, and don't make up your own "story." Greater is He that speaks of ideas, not of people. Greater are you for going within, and at times without, to get to your core. La persona que Dios le di cuando nació. The person God created you to be when you were born.

You all have a purpose. Most, if not all of you have been reincarnated. Knowing from who or what can be your ticket to knowing where to go from here.

Soon the bible will be rewritten. Only this time it'll be chock full of useful information. Yo sé que muchas personas les gustan preach the word of God, pero no fue God. It wasn't God who wrote the bible. No mujeres y hombres. Fue muchos otros. Many who didn't know the whole story. Who left out way too much. And who covered other events up by fabricating stories of their own. Ay, don't get me started. I need to bid my sister Carmen farewell.

Okay, here it is. Tell Leandra to tell Oscar (the dad) the truth. You love him and you know it. You ever stopped loving him. Girlfriend, what are you waiting for? Do you seriously think you're getting any younger? Or that time will wait for you? Bzzzzz! Your time could be up any day. Ask yourself, is this how you want to spend it?

Es todo. Ya es hora para descansar. Dios nos llaman.

Te quiero Carmencita! MUAH! For title please put, Jenni Rivera Is In Full Swing

And if they can't figure out the Spanish parts, tell them to google their way thru it. You did good baby girl. I must go." ~Jenni Rivera, una mujer con fuerza~

Needless to say, my 3+ years of Spanish class has come in handy. If only my keyboard knew what my brain tried to spell. A few spots Jenni switched to English, just because I could not spell what she spoke. Oh CARAMBA!

Anyhow. I've also been given a time out. Seems my schedule is becoming more and more like theirs. Soon we will post a typical day in Heaven.

May you be blessed to read Jenni Rivera's book. One HELLUVA courageous single mom. Despite the marriage(s), that she was.

"No one else has ever opened doors for me. I opened them myself." ~Jenni Rivera~

And that she did!

Male or female, may we all be fearless in the face of any storm.


Me: good to go Jenni, with my 2 cents? Jenni: Woo Hoo **as she do her happy dance, then fade by singing... Hallelujah. Hallelujah! Hallelu... Ooh... Ooh... Ooh, jah!

Whew! Amen and Amen to this sister of ours!

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