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Itchy Palms, Portals Opening & A Lost Submarine?

Itchy palms galore last week. My right palm was itching so bad, yet oh so good to the point of keeping me awake. No complaints on the meaning behind it, but my was it intense. Didn't end with my palm either, both soles of feet also had their share of itching. Applying lotion helped a bit, but not enough. My body has felt like it is about to burst with energy, oh my.

As for the portals opening, that was shown to me over a week ago. And now a "missing" or lost submarine? I wonder if this vision God gave me in 2019 is what it refers to? God is giving me a thumbs up.

10-1-22, 8:40pm - two separate baby hawks overhead today while out and about. Then tonight a baby owl on the tile. Cannot WAIT

for what's to come.

Next I was shown an old man. Here's the definition god agrees with, as do I, and not to put a feather in my cap. I feel it. Of course, circumstances lately have been my best teacher.

“This dream is associated with gaining the knowledge and wisdom of the “old man” in real life.”

10-3-22,12:19am - oooh, God just gave me the song, Disco Nights by GQ. I've always loved the song, and now the lyrics for such a time like this. Meanwhile, a whole lot of action overhead.

2:27am - was shown a massive earthquake somewhere where there are skyscapers. Following that I saw a huge flood, tsunami huge. Was so big that was all I saw, one big wave heading somewhere.

Was shown sky full of grey clouds, which turned into a literal big round black cloud. Followed by a bright spot in the sky turned light again. Something big is upon us, could all this be it?

10-4-22, 9:45am - God just whispered, "we are in the construct." I have never watched an entire Matrix movie, but have seen The Truman Show. More than that however, vision after vision, for years now, God has shown me the matrix open. Here's just one of many castles I've been shown over the years as I peered thru the opening. Other visions given were of seeing trees and even people looking down into the matrix. Cannot WAIT for the firmament/flat earth to be shown to all.

And finally, the song God woke me with singing, Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Elton John.

That's it this time around. May the rest of the week bring vivid visions, better yet, God in the flesh ready to make things right again.

May all be blessed to be on the bright side when that day comes.



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