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"When your words match your mind, there will be truth. When your truth matches your action, there will be enlightenment. When enlightenment matches your goal, there will be freedom. And when freedom matches your action, you will know integrity." ~Puya, 1 of 4 Pleiadian pals~

My guides never cease to amaze and watch over me. They see and hear everything, everywhere. And because of that, they surprised me with this. In the wake of yesterday's conversation with Mother Teresa.

"Integrity is a double edged sword. It can set its owner free. It can also hold one captive. The one that is free doesn't realize the sheer torture of the other. People are quick to judge what they know nothing about. If anyone knew the reasons why Carmen is on the truck, they'd shut up in a heartbeat. She may not be where she wants to be, but she continues to lift others. She also always gives thanks. She is on verge of really great things. You may wish you were nicer. We are happy to have her as our Medium. Pendulum or not, she is gifted." ~Homa, Doctor of Love and her Pleiadian pal~

How LACKLUSTER became a common denominator of what is considered "normal." Or. The middle name of many these days, beats the heck out of... My Guides and I.

Me: am I correct in saying this? Homa: yes. They are jealous. Me: do you want me to write that? Them: yes.

May you be blessed with integrity and a heavy dose of Golden Rule. Needless to say, I quickly realized what Neale Donald Walsh (Conversations With God), Ester Hicks (Abraham), Darryl Anka (Bashar) and others must've gone thru to get where they are. Perhaps, Sylvia Browne, my psychic in heaven can shed light on it.

Me: Sylvia, you there? Sylvia: yes. You are right in knowing what we all went thru. You will be respected soon. Then they'll wish they were nicer. Me: is that all you like to say this time? Sylvia: yes. Me: I appreciate it. Perhaps I can now get a Yay or Nay on what I wrote below, from any orall of you? Sylvia: yes

Thankfully, I am able to laugh about much. Including this snippet of a text I got from a non family member last week. I give my 2 cents publicly to say... If this 21st Century "normal" is what constitutes character in thee eyes of many. No thank you.

My comedy act lives on, with a cast that just keeps on GROW'n! And for that, I AM blessed.


Me: may I post? And how many Guides will answer? Guides: yes. All 72 Me: I LOVE IT!

Guides: yes

**as we all fade out laughing

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