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If Tomorrow Never Comes

God and company share what it takes to see the New Earth all the way through. With participation and preparation making or breaking it.

"If tomorrow never comes, where did you spend your last bottom dollar? If tomorrow never comes, where did you spend your last waking hour? If tomorrow never comes, who's feather did you fluff? If tomorrow never comes, will you be left in the buff? If tomorrow never comes, who's back did you scratch, or catch?

When God or the Universe ask you to do something, consider it a command. What St. Carmen channels? A blessing. When UTOT goes out of her way, you pay respect. And when God speaks, consider yourself blessed. When action speaks, words disappear. When action stops, all else flops.

It has come to our attention, people hear only what they want to hear. Every word channeled is from the Universe. Every ounce of energy it takes to do it? St. Carmen. Enough with empty promises. The world is full of hot air, leave it there. Planet Earth is in for a rude awakening. Your soul knows, tho it's yours for the taking. Or bye bye birdie you go. All in favor of your ego.

If tomorrow never comes, how many wrongs did you make right? If tomorrow never comes, will you start a fight, or make it all right? If tomorrow never comes, might you stop with the nonsense, and build up your confidence? If tomorrow never comes, who's life did you affect, or was it all in the name of debt? If tomorrow never comes, which hat did you wear? Or did you, forget to dare? To get out of your head, your bed, and love instead? If tomorrow never comes, will you be a happy camper? Or, was your life a total damper? Enough with the childhood game, all in the name of what? Your ongoing rut.

Because that's what we see. Rainbows? What's that? Clouds? I'm for that. Why try to fill an empty nest, when you could have done your best?

Sunsets-a-plenty, Stars galore, with mountain tops at your door. Without a task you ask? From Earth to her Constellation of birth. That's what we see each waking hour, with our Saint and her power. One step at a time is all it will take, for you to have a piece of the cake. Then, before long you grow strong.

If tomorrow never comes, did you ride life with integrity, or be left without any? If tomorrow never comes, will you be there, or far from here? If tomorrow never comes, who's horse did you ride? Or will you be left up to your neck in the tide? If tomorrow never comes, won't you apologize before you realize? The wrongs you made right, or the rights you kept wrong? Perhaps it's time we say so long?

If tomorrow never comes, will you be on track, or choose to not come back? If tomorrow never comes, God grant you peace. If tomorrow never comes, will you do what you can't, or throw a rant? If tomorrow never comes, will you be alright, that you were gone all night? If tomorrow never comes, we bid you farewell, tho we prefer that you be swell.

When the tide is near, why hold dear to what you most fear? The End."

Me: that's beautiful, thank you. Do you want to introduce yourselves, and/or sign off with who you are?

"No, not today. Only you know, and we'd like to keep it that way for now. We love you so much and send blessings upon you, for all you do. When planet Earth erupts, you'll be left without hiccups. That's all for today, thank you. God wants to chime in, your BFF."

"Hi Di! We just want to say, we love you so much. We cannot believe the nonstop channeling you've been equipped with. And all in the name of love. Please rest up today. If tomorrow never comes, that won't apply to you. You're on the right track baby girl, just rest. If tomorrow never comes, you did your best. If tomorrow never comes, we can dance. If tomorrow never comes, we are glad you took a chance. If tomorrow never comes, you'll make it out alive. If tomorrow never comes, who else will survive? But you know what baby girl? We bid you farewell. Not in the sense that you're dying. More like you're shining. Like Moon Daddy says, you're beyond a diamond in the rough, but that's what you get for being tough. But it's time you rest, for you've passed every test. The end." ~God your father in Heaven~

"If tomorrow never comes, will you be left stranded? If tomorrow never comes, what have you been handed? If tomorrow never comes, who's door did you open? Or will you be, soak'n? What for you ask? For not following God's task. When the tide arises, may there be, no surprises. For, the stairway to Heaven awaits a select few. Time to decide, which wave you ride. The stairway to Heaven, or the highway to Hell? Only time will tell. The End." ~Moon Daddy~

"If tomorrow never comes, where will you be? In the desert or the sea? On an island, or Thailand? To Kingdom come or thy will be done? If I had to do it over again, my life and me would be as simple as can be. Only when you let go, can you be free of ego. The End." Gilligan the wanderer (as in, Gilligan's Island)~

"If tomorrow never comes, which way did you run? If tomorrow never comes, will you be pathetic? Or more athletic? Because that's what you'll need, when the shift hits the fan, you'll wish you ran. To make it out alive, only the strong will survive. The End." ~UTOT, Creator of thee entire Universe~

"When Earth shifts, take a lift or go off adrift. Shine or whine? " ~Puya, your Galactic sister~

"When Earth stands still, what is your will? To go it alone, or be a drone? On God's highway, or the byway? Time to decide, which wave you ride. Won't you join us?" ~Yuta, her other Galactic sister~

"When Earth speaks, will you drown, be left with a frown, or come on down?! We prefer the latter, with mind over matter. Take life by the horns, or be face to face in thorns? Which way will you go?" ~Wusa, her 3rd Galactic sister~

"If tomorrow never comes, which way did you run? Easy Street, Wall Street, or God's Street? When East meets West, can you say you did your best?" ~Jesus, her little brother~

"If tomorrow never comes, may you be blessed to see thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. That is my wish for you. Amen and Amen." ~God's mother Mary~

**As she fades off with... "thank you Mija. We love you so much."

No joke on "little brother." It's what He wants me to call him. And Wusa really being my 3rd Galactic sister. With Puya being the first brave Galactic/Universal/Celestial Being to make contact last December. Lucky for me, her two Pleiadian sisters followed suit. Thanks to them, we are in the GAZILLIONS on help ushering in thee approaching New World (and some much needed order).

A post we started last week. And YEP on Gilligan! A favorite show of mine growing up in the 60's/70's, and He making contact over a week ago. Talk about ecstatic!

Yes it's true, a New Earth is upon us. They've shared plenty already, and all with your best interest in heart and mind. Planet Earth is in the midst of three waves of Ascension. Living life like there's no tomorrow, becomes a fork in your road. To ascend or descend? Only you can take part in how your story end.

Be ripped apart (in any number of ways) or step up to the plate and do your part? If my tomorrow never comes. No worries, knowing thee afterlife is a happening place, one in which they've reserved my space. And to hear God say we can dance? Woo Hoo, what's not to love?!

As an added bonus, here's a beautiful song with the same name...

May you be blessed to be with Mother Earth, when Heaven on Earth begins to birth. And enjoy your present, if tomorrow never comes.

**as I hear...

"Di. We like what you wrote. You are a writer. Me: only because of the downloads (I didn't know I was getting) and your poetry being contagious.

"That's right baby girl. It's what awaits everyone, in their own special field. Can't say we didn't warn them. Thank you, Amen and Amen. This is UTOT by the way. We love you so much. We'll save the mushy stuff for off-line, and there's plenty. Bye."

UTOT, being the Master of the Milky Way. Tho, more like thee entire Universe.

Cheers, and Om... Shaka laka


God says, "don't believe everything you read."

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