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I Mean What I Say

Unless asked, most messages I channel are out of the heavenly blue sky, heartfelt messages. Either, what's on their mind or what's bothering any one or all of them. Must be rather critical today because God already has a title, " I mean what I say."

Sad but interesting is how most choose to respond to any and all "readings." Whether it be psychic, tarot, astrology, numerology, you name it. From whoever and wherever, selective hearing takes precedence.

I may not have written publicly for awhile, but we've been nonstop talking. There's also so many more that we've lost count. Needless to say, I feel like I've been given the key to the Universe. Putting 2 and 2 together lately about all of life's creation has been off the charts, FASCINATING!

How it (and too many to count, others) came about has been a crazy story. But, on with

God's message...

"When someone tells you something, was it written in stone like in the Bible? Unless it is, why believe everything you hear? There comes a time when you should know good from bad, right from wrong, and spiritual from word of mouth. Divine information is not malicious. It is not sent to boast. It is from my word and my mouth.

Scripture has lied to you, but truth be told, it's all you've heard until now. When Saint Carmen, myself and two others rewrite the Bible, minds will be blown to the point of asking for forgiveness like never before. Time will show what I'm talking about today.

Go on believing all your internet browser and fellow man tell you. See where that get you. A free ticket to Hell maybe. But why not ride the highway to Heaven on this journey you call life? Answer me that. Word of God or fellow man? Word of mouth or word of God? If only for a day, reverse your belief system. Never before in the history of man has man relied on man like they do today. For what? To put a feather in your cap? To float your boat? To make a mountain out of a molehill? Something is seriously wrong with that picture. I find it rather peculiar that people pick and choose what to believe when given a "psychic" reading. You love hearing all the airy fairy stuff that pertains to you, and he said she said in everyday conversation. But I am astounded at what happens when I, God your father in Heaven give a message out of love in my heart. Just to have it fall on deaf ears. WOW is all I can say. Pure and simple, nada mas." ~God, your father in Heaven~ Me: for title? God: I Mean What I Say

Not only do all mean what they say, they say what they mean. As I and they have said before, time is nothing up there. But then again, the way many choose to live their life, the same applies. I do know if today were the last day for many, thee afterlife would not be a pretty picture.

May you all be blessed to see beyond earth. And know spiritualness from facetiousness.


Me: good to go? God: you see us clapping don't you?

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