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I Live On An Eggshell World

Such is the price of awakening beyond my wildest dreams. Anyone else feel like they're constantly walking on an eggshell world? God forbid I have an adult conversation about more than the news and weather. I am not a fan of just plain ol' keeping it comfortably safe. Like exercising our body, we MUST exercise our mind and soul as we embrace the growing pains. When we don't exercise, we are dying to our true self. Go with the flow or rock the boat?

For change to happen, you God-ahh get uncomfortable to get comfy.

I am done wearing five year old gloves and I won't go backwards to appease anyone. I cannot say this enough. Like going to the gym, we do not see results without some aches and pains or avoiding what we don't want to hear. Eating and doing anything we feel like is nothing more than disrespecting yourself. Self hate, anger, yada, yada, yada, whatever you want to call it. Speaking safely and feeding your emotions with one quick fix after another will simply postpone your purpose. Only way to overcome much is to go thru it, not run away from it.

Be empowered by being yourself, even that means being different.

GONE will be the cookie cutter days of trying to look like others and say and do all the same things. Safe, but how BORING is that? Embrace what makes you unique and strap on your own drum because in reality you look like a Mini Me of many other Mini Me's. Like a bunch of minions. Once you take back you, your fragile eggshell world will go by the wayside making room for authentic conversations from the heart, mind and soul. With body following suit.

ENOUGH with living on an eggshell world. It is beyond time to pull up your big girl and boy pants, toss the pacifier, and use your backbone to stand tall. Only then can no one steal the thunder of you being authentic you.

God helps those that help themselves. Soon he will return and turn all right side up. But will you be ready?

Spread your wings and soar because waiting on others to steer you in the right direction will not bring your purpose or help from God.

Of course, the eggshell world could also represent the matrix being blown wide open, which is due to happen soon.

May all be blessed to think, be and do for themselves. Sooner than later would be nice for our planet and the sake of your soul.


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