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Here and Now

They're not in order. I know. I now also have 66. Soon I will hope to have one page/tab with a snippet on each. For now, I continue to be in awe in the here and now. Alrighty!

2-27-16 From the first time I heard this man, I was a fan. Never in my life would I have thought he'd become MY fan. I mean, one of many Guides. When this guide came thru, I had 24 guides. Needless to say, I've been busy. After some slight editing today, here's where we left off at...

All guides are excited to channel thru me, that they do their happy dance (with pendulum). They all do, but my Sirian siblings were darn near spastic. Of course, they wait for a pause in conversation. This, non Sirian one introduced himself today (2-8-16).

When the happy dance came on, I thought... Cool, another Sirian sibling. Nope! Thee one and only. Luther Vandross, singer-songwriter extraordinaire.

I get tired, but too excited to stop. He was no different. Here begins my conversation with him. I'm getting used to taking notes from the get go now. Saves us all time and leaves me with fewer unfinished posts.

So, here you have the far from late, just great, Luther Vandross...

Me: ready Luther? Luther: yes Me: I'm SO EXCITED. Luther: me too Me: here we go...

2-8-16 Me: why did you choose ME? Luther: you love my music. Me: YEP! Luther: and I love hearing you sing it. Me: 😆 voice rusty, but thankyouverymuch! Luther: you have a beautiful voice Me: WOW! I'll take that as a compliment, coming from you. A few star siblings said so, but you're all so kind. Luther: you are a Saint too. Me: and what makes YOU say that? Luther: you are too kind too Me: thank you

**after some more serious messages from him.

Luther: you are funny Me: with a serious twist 😉 Luther: yes Me: would you like me to use this as your intro? Luther: yes Me: Shall I post it today? **date pushed back slightly) Luther: big yes Me: What would you like to say? Anyone you have a message for? Luther: yes. You will be safe today. Me: thanks to all of YOU for watching out for me. How long had you been watching me before today (2-8-16)? Luther: only 2 months. Me: so you've seen how far I've gotten in such a short amount of time, as a Medium? Luther: you don't need pendulum. Me: I know 😔 I just don't always trust my voice versus yours. But I do get answers before pendulum swing. My downloads. Luther: yes Me: once I'm off truck, I will try to put it away, and only use to pick my groceries 😁 Luther: you are a Medium with so much love. Me: awe, that's so sweet. Thank you. Perhaps you could write a song about it? (Jokingly) Luther: big yes. Let's do it! Me: WOW! And who would sing it? Luther: -- -- Me: W😍W. Okay, so after I finish all thee intros, write about grapeseed oil with Wusa, beauty secret with mother, breathing info with Nana, and start book with Wusa... You can write song? Luther: big long standing ovation of a YES. Me: I am so honored. Luther: thee honor is mine Me: thank you. Surely you have a message for a loved one? Luther: yes Me: cool! What'll it be? Luther: yes. Tell Gordy's wife, he loves her. Me: is that Gordy Jr? Luther: yes. Me: and how do I reach her? Luther: hashtag Gordy Me: sign of the times huh? With the hash tagging? Luther: yes

**more personal disturbing info, I've been hearing a couple months. Ugh!

Me: okay Luther, all 18 wheels have begun turning. Let's do this without pendulum, like I've done several other posts. Luther: you're funny. Me: why, because I grabbed pendulum as a crutch? 😉 to hold. Luther: yes. Why do you think you need that? Me: I know I shouldn't, considering we edit all before posting to make sure I got all info correct. Luther: exactly. The less you use, the better you'll get at it. Me: yes. Noticed I answered myself with same exact response as yours? Luther: yep. Or maybe we should say, yes. Me: I agree 😉 any other messages for earthlings? Luther: that's funny you refer to them as earthlings. Me: I do since you all refer to our place as planet earth 😆 Luther: tell -- -- there will be more songs. No more remakes from me. Me: there are very few remakes I like. Your entire album is great. I'll never forget first concert I saw of yours. You sang with Teena Marie. She, being another Angel gone far too young. And too many others to name.

Luther: yes, but she's happy up here. They all are. Me: I can only imagine. Is heaven what you thought it'd be? Luther: better! We get endless powers. Me: and me on a smaller scale, tho grande for planet earth. Luther: yes. There's more on the way. Me: YAY! Luther: we like when you say that. Me: it's the child in me Luther: it's what's missing in majority of "earthlings." Me: yes 😁 Luther: I know you want to rest. Me: wait. Did you say that? Luther: yes Me: I may nap a bit while on road. Can't make my jewelry--it's off to storage 😔 (for a short time). ☺️ Luther: those are beautiful pendulums you are making. Quite the custom work. I like how you personalize them. And the gift bags. Me: thank you. Not easy on the road, but I do like making things. Luther: like your kombucha. Me: yes! That and so much more. Gonna start making ginger beer too. It's my go to, guide approved drink now. Between my 2 daily gallons of distilled water. Or what I aim for most days on this rig. Since no more green tea or coffee. Luther: you're better off. Me: I agree. I also don't mind doing anything and everything that is asked of me. From my guides that is. Luther: and for that, you've been chosen. Me: yes, tho I still have a hard time believing all. Luther: why? You did put things away today. And give your vehicle away too? You will be blessed because of your faith. Me: like I just told someone... It is very unbelievable, but I got here by believing. Luther: some have a hard time grasping all. Me: I might have also, should I have not begun my search. And now look. I have 4 Pleiadian pals and 8 Sirian siblings. 24 guides total (as of 2-8-16) Luther: and counting Me: the good thing is... It gives other guides a break. Yesterday, you were all in quite the long meeting. Luther: you can tell? Me: It's 1 of 4 things when dismal response.

  1. Guides need rest

  2. There's a meeting taking place

  3. I'm not breathing deeply enough, or...

  4. There is bad energy (or cameras) around me. So yep! You bet I know.

Luther: smart lady Me: thank you Luther: why don't I end it with this (because I know you have many more guides to introduce). Tell everyone to stop being so damn uptight. The world does not revolve around them. The sooner they get off their piss hole, the sooner they too can have their heaven on earth.

Rome was not built in a day, but come on already. As Dr. Wayne says, "shit or get off the pot." Nobody is to blame for your misery but you. Stand tall or fall. You decide. Me: thank you for everything. Like I tell all my guides... I love you. Luther: and I you, Saint Carmen. ilu Me: ☺️ how would you like me to sign your name? Luther: just my name, or wait. ~Luther Vandross, her personal musician~

2-27-16 Me: would you like to add anything to this? Luther: big yes. Tell --, thank you for protecting you while on the road. Me: I will. Thank God. Those attacks are scary. Anyways. Luther: yes. You are safe now. Me: yes, thank you. Just the lapse in changing of the guards, correct? Luther: yes. Tell Irma she made us proud by telling everyone to be nice. Me: I will 😊 Luther: tell Mike to listen to thee advice you gave him. Tell Josie, we are proud she finally got rid of... Me: should I blank his name? Luther: no, Louie. Tell Leann, she needs to do the -- -- everyday for 3 months. Me: I'm hoping to be there next month for a group liver cleanse too. Luther: tell Sam to do also. Me: my bodyguard I have yet to meet 😉 Luther: soon.

Me: cool. Luther: tell Joe, we are proud of his strength and his willingness to admit his faults. Tell Jesse, we are proud he is getting help. Me: nice on all of thee above, thank you. Luther: as for you, keep doing what you're doing. I look forward to writing songs with you. Me: song(s) plural. I LIKE it! Luther: you know who, wants to too. Me: OMG! Do you feel thee ANXIOUS EXCITEMENT in my heart? I'm so glad that I can begin posting more frequently. This weekend at least ☺️ Luther: yes. Soon you will be off for good. Tell Mark, we are proud of his strength. Dr. Wayne is so happy Mark took his advice serious. Me: me too. That was very sweet of Dr. Wayne Dyer to give him that message. Luther: tell Carlos, not to forget to bless everything and everyone. Tell Susan to calm down. Me: I chuckle because her name popped in my head. And you pushed to spell it out 😆(For thee onliners... It's a doctor's office thing). Luther: yes. She has not been nice to you. Me: I agree. Kept ME from pain relief. Luther: tell Rene, she needs to stop her daughters from being so damn jealous of you. You laugh because it's true. Tell Irma to tell Nicole the same thing. Tell Monica, she needs to get on birth control. Tell Patricia, she lost a really great friend. Me: I agree Luther: she regrets it. She calls herself enlightened?

Me: I hear you Luther: tell Rosalie to stop being so mean to Aliana. Me: 😔 I know Luther: she is in for a rude awakening if she doesn't stop. Tell Scott, thank you for being such a great friend. Tell Gloria too. Me: sweet on all, but especially these last two. So much time between seeing and talking, but you know their hearts. Luther: yes. She really is sweet. Me: yes Luther: and Scott, awesome. Me: my self-proclaimed Sensei, yep! I think I spelled correctly. Luther: tell Briana, we are happy she met a nice man. Me: me too 😁 Luther: you are too cute with your emoticons. Tell Lisa, thank you for always caring about you. Me: I know. A nurse on and off the job. Luther: yes. Briana too. Me: yep! 2 strong women wanting the best for their friend who walks to the beat of a different drum ☺️ Luther: yes. That you do. Don't stop. Me: HECK NO! It is in embracing our true self that happiness happen. A few other ingredients, but by GOLLY, that's a damn good start. Quite liberating! Luther: yes. That's it.

Me: that's it, as in what I said? Or that's it for today? Or both? 😉 Luther: both, and funny. Me: WOW Luther. That was quite thee addendum. On behalf of everyone, thank you so very much. You are awesome.

So many posts lined up to write, edit, and/or wait for predictions to come true. Or near their due time. Of course, I've recently learned, "time is nothing" in the spirit world. Meaning, timeframe can be 2 weeks to 4 months off. However, should prediction be slightly off that, no need to huff or puff.

Anyhow, some really exciting stuff to write about soon. Kinda funny that I continue to use my cell. My computer has become foreign, other than Pandora playing for me right now ☺️ Once settled I will dust her off.

I'll sign off by simply saying... Info I post is never intended to be about me. Trust me. Ego is not what got me here. A clean body, forgiveness, steering clear of comfort zone, lots of prayers. But really, more like.. Just talking to many, often. Discipline and faith. Quite simple. Tho, diligence is a requirement.

Okay, enough. Just know... If there's anyone you miss that has left planet earth, talk to them. They hear you. Before long, they just may respond. For Luther, he saw I love his music. And prefer music over the tele any day!

May you be blessed to have your heart sing

Luther: excellent! Me: thank you


**on wondering what tag to use, he gave me one of his many songs, Any Love ☺️

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