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Heaven Knows No Boundaries

WHEW! It pays to be fearless!

God: You are a spiritual warrior. Do you know that Di? Me: I've learned a lot and feel when I'm being released. Kinda like that first spiritual bath. Then with jewelry and again today. WHEW!! God: Yes Di. What you did was major. We're talking BIG! Yes Di. I love you baby girl. We all commend you for the quick wits about you. Your mom could not be more proud. We were like, WHOA! You've been tackling "them" like an army of one hundred or more savage beasts. Only, there you are, an army of one battling some of the worst cases of attack we've seen one survive, and not go crazy. And for all you out there, we're not joking.

Our Saint has been under some mighty huge attacks from the dark side. And what does she do there home alone? Bumps up thee ante every which way she can think of with what she's got there in her new abode. Now mind you, had she not been a creative mastermind, she may have thrown in the towel. Yes folks, Saint Carmen is on the verge of much. And now with the newcomer, my son Jesus Christ on St. Carmen's Fire team, there will be no stopping her.

She was preselected by her brother Matt. Matt Kahn to be exact. Having chosen her in a dream, has proven to be thee ultimate wise decision that anyone who's graced planet earth has ever made. And if you think I'm joking, no boys and girls. The joke's on you. Do you seriously believe that I, God your father in Heaven has time for such cruel and childish games? Answer me that because if you do, may your soul rest in peace that dreadful day of judgement. As our Saint stops to load up on her distilled water with sage mix. Very good Di. We're good for awhile. For those that wonder why sage. Quick thinking on Ms. Di's part to tackle thee enemies. Yes plural, from thee inside out. Now mind you, Lucifer is nothing compared to what she had going on. Why? All over a man and a pocket watch. That man being her former bodyguard. And that watch from a fallen friend, after his quick trip to Heaven. Yes, her buddy Tombo made it to Heaven just to fall a few months later. Then what does he do? He becomes the ring leader to his army of four. With Lucifer being one, and that "bodyguard's" parents being thee other two. Yes folks. They all fell over our Saint.

While the bodyguard fell madly in love, those four savage beasts fell with hate and envy. That story with her bodyguard is far from over. Except, we've blocked his reincarnated soul at the request of our precious Saint. It was He that kept the blessings from coming to fruition for our Saint. Now mind you, he may still end up in the picture, but it won't be for a very long time.

Meanwhile, our Saint rekindle the fires with her buddy, homeboy and former boyfriend. Those being 3-in-1, for those of you thinking otherwise. Only He, continues to favor thee "almighty" dollar over our Saint. Sad doesn't cut it to see the love those two have for each other, yet six and a half years later, have her love go by the wayside. And that's all I'll say about that story for the time being. And now, onwards to the rest of ours.

The parents of that reincarnated bodyguard. They blame our Saint for his death. Then again for having him removed from his quick trip to Hell. That's right folks. Sin happens in the Heavens, but NEVER in all of history of mankind has a story like the one of our beloved Saint is living, ever happened. I'm talking EVER, occurred. I take that back. What was I thinking?! My son Jesus Christ rose from the dead. At least we can say that much of the Bible is true. Yes he rose again, but I'll save that for the post He and our Saint started a few days ago.

That's it my lil sweet pea. As she giggle, knowing very well it was Robin Williams who called her that first. Then again her Martian friends.

So much fun to see her heart melt with our endearing names we all have for her. So much so, that she's transferred the love to her beloved fish. To top it off, her fish was pre-named at the pet store. And guess what name they chose? Baby Girl (for those with a heart that care to know). The fact that we all call our Saint baby girl was one sweet sign they were meant to be together. But it doesn't end there. Baby Girl truly loves her. Earlier today she wanted to jump from her elegant fish bowl and into thee arms of Saint Carmen. Why? Well, that's another story.

Suffice to say, Ms. Carmen Diana is thee one, and only, to see and talk to my son. Quite amazing our Saint. But that's what happens when you let go of earthly comforts for as long as she did. Top that with her "disability," and there was no way she could not succeed. That house alone is majestic proof all good things to come. Now that she's put the lock on those nasty avengers, she is safe to wipe her hands clean and go about living a real LIVE Heaven on earth. Nestled atop that lil mountain that has become home. But the time has come for me to bid you farewell. And I say that in all due respect to our beloved Saint. For, what she conquered today was BIG! "big & huge" being from a scene to one of her favorite movies. One we've asked her to include.

That's it my love. For title, why don't we call this, Heaven Knows No Boundaries. Your mom says, MUAH (all proud).

WOW!! In putting on every armor of protection umpteen times (and then some) today, I'm kinda tired and gonna sign off with...

To "faith, hope and love," I add. BELIEVE. May you be blessed.


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