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Heart's Angst Towards Evolution?

H.A.T.E. Heart's Angst Towards Evolution

Why walk to the beat of a dead drum when you can vibrate on high, with the most high? Culture is what makes the world go round, regardless of color. From traveling, to the places we go to eat, both make many hearts sing. Cultural music added to the mix just bumps up the enjoyment further.

Instead of hating like a bunch of bullies on one huge playground, do yourself a favor and grow up. Some of which includes, stop watching the news. CHARLOTTESVILLE WAS A SETUP. All lives matter. Hate and darkness are what the one percent wants, and uses to control masses, not to mention cut the population. By a lot, I might add. If you cannot answer yes to any of the following questions, Source says, "you are a hypocrite." Because we cannot help but wonder, do those that hate eat only white, brown, black, yellow or red foods? Or food and drink grown, manufactured, and delivered from the very humans in their same color palette? If you're gonna hate, be consistent. Give thanks to every color of the rainbow along your food chain. It is because of all, you are in the upright position.

“A typical American is made from foods grown all around the globe, rarely imbibing even a morsel of their local landscape. Even the plasma in their blood may start its journey from waters as distant as Fiji. The apple they ate at lunch from Chile, or the banana from Ecuador, their morning coffee from Ethiopia, with sugar from Thailand. Their microwave dinner grown and packed in China, and so on. In the quest to become global citizens — and in this regard, we truly are — we may have lost our place.” ~Daniel Vitalis, REWILD~

No better timing on this snippet of an email. Article is on foraging wherever we may go, tho same thoughts apply.

If living in the past (race wars) is your desire, what's old is new. You can bypass all the shades of skin color by growing and raising your own food. Not only will it teach gratitude and respect, hate and forgiveness go by the wayside. As your body, mind, soul and heart improve in the best of ways. Every day should be Valentine’s Day, which is why the one day a year to celebrate it is a joke. But, fake holidays are what keep the economy afloat. Not allowing your heart to love every living breathing being, is more than a disservice to your self. Your spiritual health cannot thrive. Which then affects the mind. Top that with fake food, and you are a Heinz 57 of hate. YIKES!

Hate is nothing new. What is is, making it go viral. To be angered by what you see, then share it, says what about you? You enjoy it? Hate happens, which is why social media continues to go downhill for those who have seen the light in truth.

Hearts angst towards evolution do nothing more than magnify hate.

Pointing fingers at others has three pointing back, telling you the problem is indoors. Projecting it outwards just makes you hate yourself more. Life on Earth is but a blink of an eye, in the scheme of things. Yet, mountains are made out of mole hills. And all too often from fabricated stories they call news. Their strategy works on those whose mind and spirit have yet to wake up.

When we set our sights on the big picture, our body, mind, spirit and heart are content. That big picture being the Universal Holy World. No religion. Just us with our blank canvas they long to help us paint. From the depths of Mother Earth up to the bright side of the Universe. They hear and see all. With thoughts speaking louder than some action. To think you can fool the Universe should be your first clue, you have a long way to go. No one in their right enlightened mind would hate, let alone circulate it.

When respect for self becomes contagious, man will know love and peace.

If peace, love and all things real and fair are what we seek, we must practice it. Universe rewards those that take action over reaction. Like them or not, growing pains are our opportunity to behave like the adult our Creator created us all to be. Two wrongs will never make a right. Get with the Universal Holy World program or continue to check out with the poison of hate in your blood. Like a parasite in your body fighting for dear life by making you crave sugar, dark side succeeds with more hatred on your part. Talk about giving away your power. Instead of a revolution, allow evolution to take its course.

"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction." ~REWIND, TV Pilot~

A series that was apparently too forward thinking for their liking. Cancelled. Sharing and caring include truth. If lip service is more your style, practice the art of some thing relevant, when it comes to your health and that of Mother Earth. Blaming and complaining must end in order for all to see the light. A magical mystical world awaits us all, but it cannot happen for those lallygagging in the ongoing pettiness of worldly matters.

Signs of the times are here. And NEWSFLASH, they are more plan than prophecy. Whistleblowers were not a part of their plans. Thus, murder by church and state continue. For a Pope to resign, does that not tell you some thing is terribly wrong? FORGET BEING BORN AGAIN, GROW UP ALREADY. What we resist persist. Which may be fine and dandy for many, but that is the definition of insanity. Allow the growing pains to set you free. While most are afraid to spread their wings, others are being killed for bringing truth. The rise in whistleblowers alone and those doing jail time or in exile, should be another clue for all to, GET A CLUE. Instead of blaming, shaming and hating, we must thank those that are paving the way to set us all free. Focusing on what matters. The real heroes. The whistleblowers having our best interest. I am thankful for all, including the ongoing treasures of truth making its way onto my path. Best part is, I have the Universal Holy World to confirm my findings. Once awake, you too will discover there are more doors to open. And the game of life becomes a University. To think, I have only scratched the surface, gives me more to look forward to.

Empowerment includes a life that matters. Time is of the essence if change is what you want. To think you are entitled to hate wreaks of false supremacy. Of course, some whistleblowers have become false prophets. Always wanting to put feathers in their cap, changing their story with changing times. A lot of great research on truth being done, tho for some, at the expense of pride and darkness. Letting go must include the self-righteous ego. May the Source be with you to realize your potential does not include hate. Anger just means, you have yet to discover your purpose. Hate has postponed it indefinitely. Don't believe me? Here's God...

"Boys and girls, we love each and every one of you very much. What will it take for you to see the light? Complete darkness? You have that covered. He and She who spend their time in hate will accumulate death without dying. How so? To be loved, one must love. To be hated, says what about you, you are on to some thing? More often than not, that is the case. What will it take for you to see the light in your darkness? That being the easiest time to witness it. Like a solar eclipse, there is light behind every shadow, after every tunnel, and after every storm. What makes you so different? The clothes you wear are also from people of color. Unless you make them yourselves, go naked. Be consistent with your hate.
Otherwise, you are a class act gone bad. We long to see your world as one. Hate any one and you hate me. To which I reply, goodbye.” ~God~

Yes. No quicker way to cut ourselves off from God and The Universe than with hate. When your behavior does not match how you want to be treated, anger and hatred are your body telling you something is amiss inside of you. Whether it be, good nutrition, good friends, no purpose, and/or lack of self respect and integrity. Dis-ease is a body, mind and/or spirit not at ease.

“There is no excuse for hateful behavior.” ~Rick Levine, Astrologer~

Cheers and well wishes. In the meantime, don't like the news of prime time? Erect a statue of your own, and bury the bully. Because you lose power by such childish behavior. Also know, the latest eclipse has left a shadow over all of America. Much more darkness to come. So, instead of directing your heart’s angst towards evolution, give thanks.

May the Source be with you in light, love, laughter, health, healing, happiness, truth and justice. Only then can freedom ring. Carmen

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