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He Is Risen

In watching the movie, Risen, could not help but ask God's opinion. Here it is, along with a message.

6-14-16 What was once peace on earth has turned into life in the big city. Where trees were replaced with telephone and electrical wires. With some standing higher than the highest of mountains. I'm not saying it's all bad, but it is not all what I or the likes of Nikola Tesla had in mind.

With He wanting to light up the world with his free energy and me (yours truly) wanting nothing more than to keep your green earth green. All have been "adorned" with nothing shy of an eyesore. Where do I begin. At the beginning of course.

He Is Risen, a movie making its way thru Hollywood, Bollywood and Da' Hood. Yes, still God your father in Heaven talking. And I'm here to tell you a thing or two about that movie, and it goes like this...

Remembering a time when all Hell broke loose, did not involve what that movie depicts. But because it was written in accordance to "the Bible," as you all know it. It is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong! In every sense of those words. As our Saint double checked on "those words." She does it more to be politically correct in the world of grammar. But you know what folks, we are not here to win any writing contest or be politically correct. Isn't that right my beloved Saint? Me: yep! Being a tad anal (when it comes to that) kinda takes away from the moment anyways. God: well said my Child, and you are 110% correct-o-mundo! Another one of our Saints phrases. She's got so many, we can fill an entire day with her isms alone. For now I use them to see and hear her laugh. It's the cutest thing, but onwards!

The Bible was not written with you in mind. No way no how. It was written to satisfy the likes of those four walls and a pulpit, many of you Earthlings refer to, and give high regard to as, "the church." A place where many go to wash away their sins, just to go on making them again. Well, I'm here to tell you. You've got it all wrong.

Church lives inside of each and everyone of you. Why do you think it is Deepak Chopra, Oprah and our Saint, try to get you to go inside of yourselves? For, all thee answers are there. That's why! Like my friends and family of outer space. An unfathomable untapped world. Well I'm here to tell you, it's your loss. You're missing out on one of your greatest gifts. For what? For your fellow man to tell you how to run your life? My GOODNESS people, get with the program! By golly! You've heard me before (thru Saint Carmen), and I'll repeat myself as needed.

Follow "the leader" was not meant to have that leader be your Doctor or some politician or even the president of your country. Yes there were "Rulers," but back then, they were honest to goodness ones.

Did you forget I'm your leader? I'm the one who created you? And I'm the one who says what gives when it come to you. Yes I'm talking. Carmen is my ChannelHer to do so. And yes, I have her write it as such. Break time, now that our Princess Di Warrior has her water distiller to tend to, among other things in her new abode. No complaints. She's DIGGIN every moment of it. If we must say so ourselves!

We're back! And now that we've laid the foundation on, He Is Risen, we can move onto the meat and potatoes of this story. Without giving too much away. As, Ms. Carmen Diana and I are going to rewrite the Bible in the very near future. But looks like we've both just remembered she needs to write the 125 page book with Puya, her Pleaidian pal in the Heavens, right Di? Me: yes. I look forward to all the books and songs we've got lined up. God: okay, where were we? Ahh yes. For those that have seen the movie, I'm here to tell you, I'm sorry. You've been duped once again.

For those that haven't, don't waste your time or money on such nonsense. From the clothes, shoes and hats they all (well, most all) wear, to the nonstop bickering, fighting and killings depicted. What were they thinking? Like a bunch of wild animals. Is that really how you think my son Jesus lived?

Yes he was hung on a cross to die. Yes he rose again. Yes he was born of the Virgin Mary. But no, he did not live amongst savage beasts such as those depicted in every "religious" movie. Even the Ten Commandments movie. Wrong! A movie our Saint took the liberty to take her mother to, back when she graced planet earth. Just to have my precious Child, Saint Carmen walk out and wonder what all the fuss was about. Yes it affected a lot of you Earthlings in a big way. But why? Because you didn't know any better. You also hadn't done any "work" on yourself to know the truth from fiction. Our Saint knew and for that, I for one was thoroughly impressed. To know without knowing is a trait seldom possess. But enough with getting riled over such nonsense.

And back to the movie. One our Saint became nauseated over, once again. And one, she took upon herself to stop watching not far into the movie. I'm proud of you, our timely Saint. You, who knew better before asking about it. I commend you for realizing the lies continue. And one who, without a doubt knows truthful reenactments from marginal ones. At best, I might add. And one who's middle name is synonymous with Heavens gate. But enough as she crinkle her nose in, "huh?" Then giggle.

That's right my Child, but that's another story. For now, we must end this one. And for the rest of you. Until we rewrite the Bible, don't take everything you see and hear as written in stone. For, there are many stones left unturned. And we shall uncover each and everyone, in due time. Right Carmen Diana? Me: yep! And by then I'll be back to dictating all. God: that's it folks. We must end this chapter of a post. But before I go, it is my wish you take what I say as truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God. As in, me helping you cut thru the chase of lies, sooner than any "church" will have you believe. For it is in believing that you will be rewarded. Just be careful what you believe.

But, I must bid you farewell. As for my Saint of a ChannelHer, title this, He Is Risen. We love you Di and enjoy seeing you home sweet home. By baby doll. Yes everyone else, still me, God your father in Heaven. And I'll leave that with an Amen and Amen.

I couldn't agree more with God on, don't waste your money. Like the Titanic (in my opinion), so overrated. Ten Commandments too. That, to me was a disappointment. To see so many walk out crying tells me, they are far from connected to Source.

Anyhow, as you can see, not even Rotten Tomatoes gave it a good review--2 1/2 stars. Don't know about you, but I for one look forward to the real story from one who lived it.

May you be blessed to realize what's been written and shown isn't really what happened. Soon tho, our awesome God will tell it like it is. Can't wait!

6-15-16 Woke to hearing God want to add more before final edit. Quite adamant too.

Me: ready to add more? God: yes Di. Brace yourself.

**don't know whether to say YIKES or Woo Hoo.

God: both Di. Ready my Child? Me: yes God. God: remember I told you someone would be calling you? We'll leave that name out for now. Well, I'm here to tell you, her mother reneged on that proposal of a promise. Where does that leave you know who? In a puddle of tears once again. But you know what Di? You know thee end to that story, and it's a mighty good one. That's it my Child. I wanted this posted publicly so you know who can read it. And that she does. Our lil Saint of Mini Me.

Yes folks, her mother continues to keep these two apart. As she poison her own soul in doing it. For what? Cruelty comes in many forms, but this deserves capital punishment. Yes everyone, God your father in Heaven has no shame in punishing where and when needed.

Our Saint was a mother to that Child before she was born and into the first 3 years of her life. It was She who set the foundation. And to this day, it is She, still madly in love with that baby of hers. Pictures don't lie. And because of that, they are like night and day. Her baby lights up with her Nina Diana. More than we can say when she's with her "mom."

Give the child what she wants, DAMN IT! Kill your own soul all you want, but STOP doing it to innocent bystanders. Some of which, want nothing more than to live in love and harmony amongst planet earth.

And for those that think our Saint was not ready, BUZZ! You're wrong! She had a home all along to take her to. But our Saint never takes the easy way out, and for that she scored big, having the lil one in mind all along. Isn't that right my darling Saint? Me: yes. A day does not go by with her inside me. As her box of goodies continues to grow. God: yes Di. We see your heart and the tears you hold back, all for that angel of yours. Yes, we are all in somber mode over this. Seeing you two continue to ache for each other. We know writing this publicly is not your cup of tea, but Di... It is a part of your story that must be shared.

Let those that needed ridiculing be ridiculed. It is the least of their punishment. As for the rest of your family. Yes, more parties are being planned without you in mind (again). We're sorry my Child. Soon, you will have a family and we'll leave it at that.

We love you Di. And we love that you've been up and at em' since the wee hours. And people think you don't work. Ha! She works for me, and more than anyone we know. Which is more than we can say about any of you. Whew! We need a break Di. We're all heartbroken once again for you. We love you. And yes, all you wrote is good to go. Your mom says, MUAH!

For now, may you all consider NOT putting an arrow in anyone's heart for all the wrong reasons. A year apart for me has been forever. For Mini Me, I can only imagine... Eternity.

As I transfer all to this blog, I hear... " Di, you have us all crying up here." That's love! As I wipe my crocodile tears away.


**it was God that told me to include the words, "death and dying" as a tag

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