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Hate Followers

In learning tee other day that I've been writing thru my guides for 3 years now, I've gotten clarity on a few things. I began...

1. using thru versus through

2. Thee over the (more often than not), when it comes before a word that starts with a vowel. To me, "the" before most of those words now sounds like... DUH. One example

  • Thee orchestra

  • The orchestra

3. And finally, I now understand why many of their messages sound like me.

**almost forgot to add... They also edit all, approve of and/or give me titles. Such as this one. There's also more to this list in how I communicate and write has changed. These are just the main ones.

Anyhow, since hate of oneself is so prevalent amongst many earthlings, today's post sheds light on it. And THOSE that have joined "the movement." Sad and pathetic aren't words I'm looking for. But do know it is those TIMES infinity.

It's also one helluva way to go into self destruct mode. Namely, dis-ease. Enough with my 2 cents...

"What good does it do to look good with a heart of stone? It will make the prettiest person the ugliest in six seconds flat. Hate attracts fierce ugliness to the point of hating yourself more. Hate followers are even worse. They follow the leader like it's a cult. Only those that love themselves can find love. And be a leader of it.

Instead of feeble attempts to be noticed. To feel worthy of praise, try saying, "I love you" in the mirror. Only then will your heart soften.

You make yourself miserable with hate. You make yourself happy by loving yourself. Pure and simple." ~mom with wings and Teso my Pleiadian pal~

May you be blessed to love yourself without outside praise, and/or trying too hard. Because hate is nothing but a 4-letter word of a Catch 22. Vicious cycle. Like a hamster on wheel. Keeps you busy going nowhere.

Insanity is after all, doing the same thing and expecting different results. It is in being YOU, that your light will shine. Kinda like this ☺️ oh so pretty if you ask me. Carmen

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