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Hate And Envy

"People will always think about what they hate about a person before they think about what they love. When in reality, love should be thee only thing that comes to mind. Not hate, envy, lust or greed.

Only those that are pure at heart can enter the kingdom of heaven. Another may cloud your perception, but it is you who rules your mind.

Only the Saints make it to heaven on earth. Saint Carmen, thee Urban Ascended Master is one of the few this century has seen. So allow her what she needs to shine her light. She will make the world a better place.

So, the sooner you embrace it, the sooner your life will change in ways you will not believe. Time to throw the towel on hate and envy away. It's not exactly what your soul came here to do.

You are a child of God, act like one." #DrWayneWDyer, "Dr. Wayne, her guide from thee other side~

**hashtag (#) is how he's asked me to sign his name.

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