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Hail Mary

WOW! I'd never expect to walk into a fruit stand and walk out with a rosary. One that was not only gifted, but a wood bead one. Just as Mother Teresa suggested I get.

With the many powers I've been given has come trials, tribulations and, for those who believe... 4 attempted attacks from the dark side. Lucifer to be exact. After some rebuking and calling out for my great grandmother, Nana Carmen, "it" fled.

Many who know me, know. That even before I became a Medium, I'd say... "Okay, I'll say 5 Hail Mary's or 4 Our Father's" for that. "That" being something I've said. All in humor tho.

Well! Once sweet Mother Teresa became my Guide, I literally asked her how many I should say. She'd respond. I asked if I should wear a rosary, or keep it in my purse or pocket. Her response? Hold it. Giddy UP! It appears I'm not thee only one who's excited. Mother Teresa did one HECK of a happy dance. And here's what she had to say...

"We were beyond ecstatic." Me: me too! Mother Teresa: yes, he was blessed. He almost cried. Me: I thought so! Purely divine! May they all be blessed. Mother Teresa: they will.

Nice to have her confirm, what I saw. He was clearly blessed. Made him so happy, he gave my compadre (the pilot) a hug, after I put my hand on his arm and said, "God bless you."

Them: yes. We know you are exhausted. Let's edit. Big yesss Me: does that mean, 160 👍🏼's UP? Them: bigger yes. Me: and title? Them: Hail Mary Me: Mother Teresa, how many times do you want me to say each day?

Mother Teresa: once Me: it's very calming. Any certain way to hold between times? Mother Teresa: hold in right hand. Me: will do! Quick question... They're wood, but what kind of seed bead are they? You ask good questions. They are dried rapeseed. Me: they're beautiful. Do they stamp that design in? Perhaps we can do a post on them? Mother Teresa: yes. They dry that way. Me: WOW! Mother Teresa: I did rosary 10 times a day. Me: you read my mind 😊 Just confirming. Thank you. Mother Teresa: you are going soon. We lusm Me: thank you all. I love you all very much.

**as they all fade with a yes

As you can see, my medicine bag knows no boundaries. I'm spiritual with rosary in hand, mother's St. Christopher around my neck, and steel fist in a velvet glove ready to rebuke!

Last time I did some rebuking was late 90's. Some 20 years later. I'd say, it works! As does, having my Guardian Angel Guides.

May you all be blessed with a serendipitously divine day!

Me: does it look ready to post? Them: BIG happy dance of a YES. Me: cool!


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