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Guns & Mental Illness Are Not The Problem

Of course those of us who are truly awake already know that. For now, it is becoming ever more difficult to watch a whole lot with actors who have either sold their soul or preach to the world what we should or should not be doing. With one gun under my belt, God wanted me to purchase another. Yes, the man upstairs. Only this time it will be a concealed carry gun. He who knows better than anyone that guns and mental illness are not the problem. Using our mind as a gateway is the problem.

How does that happen? It could be any number of things. Post partum psychosis is one reason, nutritional deficiency another, or pain, dis-ease, anything that wears us down. Not having a balanced diet with nutrient dense food wreaks havoc on more than the body, our brain can suffer greatly. Top that with medications, vaccines and yes, we can lose our ability to think correctly, and instead open ourselves up to demonic influences. Bipolar can be caused from the same thing. A friend’s sister suffered from this due to her diet, and just as fast as it came on, it went away. YAY!

Know people who are mean? Me too and it helps to know, that is another milder form of demonic influence. They, the dark side are pros at pretending to be us, lost loved ones, and even God. They pretend to have our best interest at heart, but really want to take us down with them.

How do we prevent? Diet is where I’d start. Next is you’ve got to be fearless. Oh how they love scaring people. I’ve tried everything under the sun, moon and stars, and what I find they absolutely hate is the sound of brass bells. I have them all over the house as I look to buy more.

For the glass is half empty sort of people who need more convincing, how’s this? If the government can control the minds of many, imagine what the devil can do. This is why I know that Schizophrenics are not crazy, they are CONNECTED to spirit world. In going thru the tunnel towards the light, my how I was attacked after that. Dis-ease, financial woes, death of a loved one, heartache, anything “horrible” can be an opportunity for growth. Spiritually. I can only hope the many family members of Uvalde awaken their spirit. Only when we’ve hurt enough can our heart and soul open to what awaits us all… TRUTH and Heaven on Earth. That’s what did it for me and works like a charm, but isn't for the faint at heart.

When our purpose is great, our trials, tribulations, and worse can feel nonstop. Does God allow it? Yes and no. For many earthlings, they love entertaining the dark side, which is why being disrespectful and mean are their MO (modi operandi). For others like myself, who are nonstop plugging away at God’s will, nice, respectful, and with all three eyes wide open, we can become a target for demonic influences. They’ll do anything to keep us from our purpose. Had I not discovered a power greater than God, I would have either been committed or dead. That much I know. I have helped fight off many attacks. Best part now is, I am fearless.

God will allow much, including dis-ease to see if we’re up for the job he has in store. Disease has a way of waking us up and getting us super healthy. Boy have I felt like I’ve died for the sins of the world more than once. On the bright side, I feel something grand in the near future for all of humanity, but especially for we who truly are spiritual soldiers.

As if the above isn’t enough, inmates and "crazy" people are locked up for monetary reasons. While some need to be locked up, others not. Does January 6th/J6 ring a bell? Their corporations make these institutions rich. The corporation that was set up in their name, thanks to the signing of the birth certificate by the parent(s). People are jailed and put in institutions to make their establishments wealthier. The person they hold is paying them without even knowing. Much more can be said, this is just an intro to what I continue to learn more about.

As for guns and mental illness not being the problem, we all know that if you tell a kid or person what NOT to do, they tend to do it to either spite someone, rebel, or they become like Curious George or curiosity kiiling the cat. The key is having a fine line between praise and reprimanding. Lord knows many who have been falsely praised/put on a pedastal turn out to be narcissistic and/or think something as simple as taking the trash out is worthy of praise. Yes, it can get disgusting, especially for those whose looks have faded and they are left with nothing but the clothes on their back. Many join gangs to belong, be acknowledged, feel worthy. That is the job of the parent, but again it stars with diet. It is that simple.

May you be blessed to eat for your body, mind, heart and soul. Adding detox to the mix will bring you closer to God sooner. Your only job then is to decipher who is controlling you. Light or dark?

Careful before you open up a can of whoop ass. I mean, go on a spiritual journey. You've got to be ready.



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