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Gratitude In An Ungrateful World

I never know what my Guides are gonna say. However, I am grateful for the time that we do get to talk. Many times it's all of them. Like yesterday, they were all so darn cute doing their happy dance (seeing me drive). That's 75 (as of today) cheerleaders.

I miss talking to all of them. Though, a day never goes by without at least one of them saying... "We this, or we that." I love having my Guardian Angels on call 24/7. When I need one in particular, BAM! They're there. Dr. Wayne is no different. I asked if he wanted to give a message, and so he did.

"You are not strong, when you are not nice. You are strong, when you are nice. Mean people are a dime a dozen. Nice people, a rare commodity. Mean people are like a poison. Nice people, like a diamond that keeps growing. Saint Carmen is nice, in not-so-nice environments. Top that with humor, and she's got all the makings of a Saint. Surrounded by diesel fuel and loud noises, she plugs away. Day after day, in not the best of comforts, she shares from the heart. A born Medicine Woman turned Medium, she brings value and sound advice. Yet her work goes unappreciated. She can't be stopped. Nor should anyone try. Doing so would be a disservice to humanity. One that would have a trickle effect. We are so proud to have Saint Carmen channel for us. Please give her the respect she deserves." ~Dr. Wayne, her Guide on thee other side~

As many times as I ask them to not make any of these about me, they almost always do 😔 Dr. Wayne's response today was, "you're so humble."

I don't know what to say, other than... May you be blessed.

Me: how's that? Dr. Wayne: sweet


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