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Grasshopper Stops

Not everyday a grasshopper stops. Stares you in thee eyes, and POSES. And not once. But, for more than TEN snapshots (just inches away). I can SO dig it!

God: you are attracted to nature, and nature is attracted to you. Me: was it you that was calling me grasshopper when I was on truck? God: yes. You move forward only, like a grasshopper. Did you see those eyes? Me: not without contacts or glasses, but did once I zoomed in. Pretty awesome! God: yes Di. That's totally you, forward moving. Is there anything you'd like to add? Me: not really. Maybe I'll include a snippet on grasshoppers. With perhaps integrity and keeping our word to help us move forward. You have anything on that? God: we like what you told your friend this morning. You can include that. Me: 10-4! God: otherwise, shower and rest. Later you can channel IZ. He's so anxious to write song. A teddy bear indeed. We love you so much. For title, Grasshopper Returns." ~God~ "Hey I'm not finished. Cut my head off why don't you. And so the fun begins. Bye Di."

**that in response to me putting down my necklace. Too funny!

Before I forget, here's a snippet on grasshoppers. From one of many websites. While on truck/big rig a few months ago, one of the rest areas was surrounded with grasshoppers. It was a great reminder to not look back. Or live in the past. Like Karate Kid's master (in movie) calling him grasshopper. Mine (God) does too (call me grasshopper at times).

As for integrity. I'd like to say there's no "I" in integrity, but there is. And it's in keeping your word with yourself. Integrity and maturity go hand in hand. Some people never grow up. My friend and I were discussing an ongoing broken promise made to him. Been over a year and a half now. And one that affects the livelihood of my friend.

Here's what God wanted me to share (on what I told him). About this individual, and his excuse this time.

Me: It is so DISEMPOWERING to not have integrity. People think their ego makes them "big." NOT! Integrity does. He'll have to answer to God. He: "thought well he'd grow out of issues. I've noted and seen progress within himself. Can't fault anyone for their faults since I have my own." Me: First step is admitting. So not cool of him. He's gotta be miserable to wanna control your livelihood.

Like I said, integrity is everything on power. Other stuff is a false measly sense of it."

And there you have it. In order to move forward, you must have integrity.

Walk your talk. Shit or get off the pot. If not, God can arrange a change on your longevity. No joke. A life wasted really upsets God. A life wasted in sin, even more.

Neither God, nor I, or others in the Heavens consider ourselves "religious." It's simply the game of life. One where outsmarting God (by mistreating others) does not exist. If you think it does, you're fooling yourself.

Perhaps then, "Grasshopper Returns" can mean the circle of life. Going back to where you came from, the Heavens. That's if and only IF, you live with integrity. Integrity doesn't just wipe out ego, you gain power in the process.

May you be blessed to live the Golden Rule. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Because one day, you will be taken away. Until then, pay it forward. Yourself, that is.


Me: good? Got your signed, sealed and deliver stamp of approval? **Eeeek! As I interrupt some much needed rest on God's part... God: yes Di. We love you so much.

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