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Grapeseed For What Ails You

As told by 1 of 9 Pleiadian pals.

Wusa: you can ask questions Me: cool! Okay, since becoming an Ascended Master, I was told to use only grapeseed oil. In my diet and on my face. Entire body, right? Tho, using public showers doesn't make the latter so easy. Anyhow, we've been wanting to do this post since then. There is much written about it. Tho, since I'm no longer a fan of G👀gle, I prefer to get my info straight from my Guides. What are the many reasons you've all had me use only grapeseed oil? Your turn. Wusa: you are to cute with your emoticons. Me: the Google one has a bit of a double meaning Wusa: yes. Big Brother Me: right-ee oh! Wusa: grapeseed oil was used by Cleopatra. It has been around longer than any other oil. Primarily used for migraines, it became known for its many other benefits. Grapeseed has an ingredient that is similar to your body's natural oil. It can take away the most stubborn headache. It makes skin soft and dewy. Me: I LIKE it! Wusa: yes. It'll get, what you call, "your plumbing" going the way nature intended. It'll also stop your skin from any and all ailments. To the point of looking younger. Me: nice! Wusa: yes. What other questions do you have? Me: thank you. I remember when my body was using up a lot of protein (during DNA upgrades), the headaches were intense. Like a vice was around my head. A migraine no doubt, with lights and sounds putting me over thee edge.

So. My headaches were from Ascension. What caused their headaches, way back when? Same thing? Sensitivities? Wusa: no. They had thee elements to brave. Me: ahh... Wusa: they also had wild bears to be weary of. Me: boy do I know the stress caused by, fear of being eaten alive. With the lion running past my kitten and I. Anyhow... Wusa: that is exactly what they faced on a regular basis. Me: I can't imagine. Once was more than enough. Wusa: next question? Me: can you tell me a good recommended daily dosage? Let's say for an average 150 pound person? Those over or under can adjust accordingly. Wusa: yes. 2 tablespoons Me: cooked or not, doesn't matter? Wusa: no Me: okay. For now, it's been difficult to find anything other than Trader Joe's (while on the road). Is their a certain brand, or specification(s) you recommend? Wusa: yes. It should be cold pressed and unfiltered. Me: are there any certain regions of planet earth that are best to buy/consume from? Wusa: yes. Egypt Me: cool! So maybe a Greek type, middle eastern market? Wusa: big yes. Smart. Me: next, how do you recommend we use on skin? You've seen the 2 ways I do. Wusa: yes. You can share those. Me: okay. Will do so at thee end of our conversation. Do you happen to know name of ingredient? For inquiring minds? Tho, I'll most likely need my chart. Wusa: yes. Grab chart. Me: ready! Wusa: piot Me: P.I.O.T? Wusa: yes Me: is that short for something, or a funny definition to... Quite frankly, those who can literally research themselves to death? Wusa: yes on both. Me: I'm all ears-s-s-ss... Wusa: "please instigate others today" Me: I'm with you sister! And thank you for that. Are there any final thoughts on grapeseed?

**protein intake break

Wusa: yes. You are so funny. Me: I wish I can remember exactly WHAT prompted that, but do know it was several. I'm glad we can entertain each other. Oh... Did all my Galactic Guides hear my request? Wusa: yes. Full moon gazing Me: such a breath of fresh air, yes! Perhaps at the next stop Wusa: yes. That's it for this one Saint Carmen Me: sweet. Well, thankyouverymuch! I look forward to many more health and beauty secrets from all. Enjoy your day. I love you all Wusa: you are so sweet. We lusm (love you so much).

As she fade...

At last! A post I've been wanting to write. As for the 2 tbsp/day. As she stated, you don't need to cook to get your daily dosage. I put on my toast, in my salad and even in my quinoa or some leftovers. Like thee ever so SCRUMPTIOUS Thai curry.

For my skin, I either clean my face with it and/or moisturize. If I'm tired at night, I'll clean face with witch hazel then put grapeseed oil to moisturize. When energy allow (on this road "trip"), I put an extra thick layer on. Leave on several minutes, then gently wipe off excess. Then in the morning, I simply reapply, without wiping off. My skin is loving it. It's also thicker than coconut oil, but far from too thick. Which makes grapeseed oil a better barrier to harsh elements. Especially on the road, going from one extreme to another. Hot, cold, snow and wind. Topped with indoor heat, air conditioning and recirculated air. Oh CARAMBA! I thank God/Guides for my grapeseed oil.

I also look forward to finding a better quality. Nothing against Trader Joe's. Guides gave a thumbs up on it.

Me: how's that? Wusa: good. Tell them to them to find best quality possible. And don't skimp on price. Me: 10-4. Will do. Can't WAIT to shop for better quality myself. Wusa: soon

May you be blessed


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