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God, Your Father In Heaven

"To each their own God. Saint Carmen has asked us all to introduce ourselves. So here is my introduction.

I am God, your father in heaven. For starters, the bible is full of lies. Some of which Saint Carmen will expose.

She has recently discovered she and I won't just rewrite the bible, we will shed light on what has become a dark world. A world in which lies have become the norm. And truth and justice a crime.

Wanting to heal the planet on which you live, cannot be a greater act of kindness. Thee ultimate, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." A verse that has lost its meaning. When in all seriousness, it is what makes the world a better place.

A place where truth and justice take precedence. Not lies, mocking, mimicking or Saint Carmen jokes. She just thought, "hmmm.. . They've gone from name calling to joke telling." As she sits heavy hearted in bewilderment. She may be an "urban" Ascended Master, but the name calling, and what has become a conspiracy that gains momentum remains unheard of to our Saint.

She sits trembling from her body being deprived of more protein. The protein that her 12 strands of crystal DNA need. The kind of protein that is hard to come by, given her circumstances.

She need not worry. The pilot may be Florida bound, but he'll do so without her. We will not allow her to step foot in what seems a war zone. You see, Florida does not welcome Saint Carmen. They, above anyone else want her stopped. Florida is a state that allows innocent people to be murdered.

Why you ask? Because some doctors know what they're doing. Some doctors actually give a DAMN. Some doctors can cure you of any and all dis-ease. And for this reason, some doctors were murdered in Florida. Some doctors, to a tune of 11 innocent souls murdered for nothing more than money.

It is because of this, Saint Carmen has been given protection. Protection in the form of her 12-strand crystal DNA and her bodyguard Theo. A computer wiz by day and soon-to-be, Saint Carmen's partner for life.

As yesterday's post mentioned. It is written in the book of all books, thee Akashic Records that she will marry Theo. She has yet to meet him, tho she'll be pleasantly surprised. He is indeed more than we told her.

But this about isn't about either of them. It is about me. So let me finish by saying, never before have I connected with a Saint, like I have with Saint Carmen. As she say, "really and WOW."

We must bid her farewell, as she says "aw." And even asked how to spell her emotion, now that she's not using those little yellow faces. She may be urban, but with me as team captain, she doesn't need them. Until next time." ~God, her father in heaven~

My Guide, and God my father who came thru on Easter. An Easter I will never forget.

May you be blessed with your own heaven sent team of experts.


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