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God's Return and Other Universal News

Before sharing this morning's visions, I remembered a vision from a day or two ago. I was shown a semi flatbed loaded with crates of food taken to be destroyed. I guess spraying of farmlands and destroying baby formula weren’t enough. The latter however was a joke considering milk comes free. God's return is near. How do I know? Read my last several posts and/or my book. So many visions in that book have come true. Universal news like the kind Corey Goode give are becoming my only source of news. Too many keep regurgitating the same thing. Much of which is not true. Oh, I mustn't leave out Charlie Kirk. He is breathe of fresh air using his creativity to share interesting information.

And now for today's visions, messages and song(s).

9-30-22, 4:35am - Woke at 3:33, at least that's the time I checked. Was shown a big octopus dangling its eight tentacles. It seemed ever so calm. It actually looked like a huge leather tassel. After a quick search, there are many octopus meanings. This is a good one, God says.

OMG, I almost forgot! Yesterday when I stepped out to feed my boys/dogs, a big brown hawk flew right towards me. It was incredibly awesome, not to mention breathtakingly beautiful. Wow! My time is near, and I don't mean death. Quite the opposite. Hallelujah, Lord knows I am beyond ready to help usher in Heaven on Earth.

Next came this song that explains the excitement I am beginning to feel. God has a way of sending the perfect song at the right time. He is so DARN cool like that and quite the entertaining DJ to watch.

5:19am - Just saw a vision of a light beam shooting down from the sky. So piercing, it

looked like an explosion. Is that how God will enter the orbit? Let's find out. YEP, God has confirmed. Now I know what this vision from 2019 was about, only this one appeared to go horizontally. Vision this morning came from right to left at an angle pointing to earth. Today's vision was also much brighter and bigger.

Next I hear, “gas and oil.” Nothing more. God simply tapped on his temple for me to remember to include that message here.

Next one liner God gave me was this, “hand sanitizer was a hoax to get people to lower their own immune system. One by one they will be dropping dead soon.” Me: from judgement? Or first from lowered immune? Ahh, getting a thumbs up. Wow! But you're not gonna let it happen? “No, you and me against the world.” Can you say, GIDDY UP?!

5:36am - Not verbatim, but God said, “they will begin painting establishments (including where events happen) and create ambiance to keep opposite sex people from entering and instead send subliminal messages for like to be attracted to like.” How desperately low can they go?

By the looks of what I was just shown, the matrix is beginning to suffer the poison placed inside of it. It has began breaking out. Monkey pox looking sores, popping up everywhere.

Next I hear, "white cloud, white supremacist." No elaborating, God just wants it included.

Just saw the old fashioned tear drop shaped peace sign turned upside down. This after seeing someone come from the sky from a cloud of smoke. I do know they were from the light. Not dark or malefic.

Next I was shown a big tall wall that resembled the southern border here in California, but it wasn't. It was a jail of sorts. OMG, was shown what I thought was headless people. Nope. Bodies were being dissolved, like sand in an hourglass from top down. POOF, gone. Yikes, possible nuclear war? God confirms, yes.

6:30am - I just remembered a huge voice I heard a few days ago. Was very master of the Universe like, bigger than the Oz voice I heard years ago. So very powerful, and so loud the entire planet could hear. I don't remember what was said since it was days ago. Seemed a pep talk of preparation for me. God assures me, all good.

Just heard, "cloak in the Bible." Time to look it up. Couldn't find meaning God intended, so I found it under dreaming. Oooh, time to read.

Just remembered getting a glimpse of a snake several days ago. As I see God give me a goofy thumbs up. Once again, all good.

And finally, this morning I noticed I have been tasting soap. Not enough online to read about, but God has assured me it is my Cleanliness being next to Godliness in motion. We must never underestimate the power of clean.

That's it for today's messages. WOW. See what tomorrow brings.

Peace and well wishes be with all. May you be blessed to have it and not need it instead of being unprepared for what may affect any number of us.

ciao for now, Carmen


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