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God's Bride - Is She Real?

More than once I've heard several talk about God's bride being in reference to the church. We do not need to be religious to know what's going on in the world. It is fight over light and dark. I am not religious, just highly spiritual and know we are living in prophetic times.

I have only read the Bible once and that was twenty years ago. I also had to read it from back to front. Genesis was not easy on my head. The more I talk with God, I have begun taking much of the Bible with a grain of salt. It has been manipulated and tweaked too many times to fit their agenda. Not even half remains true. That according to God.

I do believe Revelation is upon us, but not in an end of the world way. Instead, a rebirth for our entire planet is upon us. Information on this begins at about the 10-minute mark of this video. It mentions the time of sorrows, but is it really a time for Soros and the Davos Manifesto to fall? I for one am happy to say GOOD RIDDANCE to the WEF (World Economic Forum) and all their players.

And while I do welcome growing pains, I am ready for God's return. May God and his bride soon bring light to the darkness. Put all right side up once and for all.

God's bride - is she real? I do believe she is, and not what the Bible wants us to believe it to be, a metaphor for the church. Just as I know God did not write the end mentioned in that video. He also did not create all in six days, or say, "let there be light.". There were many and much long before his arrival.

I leave you with what AI thinks God's bride is, again a metaphor. Until Elon Musk makes his AI chatbot Grok available, AI like the Bible have been prgrammed to lie.

AI description of God's bride

May we all be blessed to live thru the turbulent times upon us. May we all be witness to his second coming and find out who or what his bride is/may be. I for one am ready!


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