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God Loves Using My Head As A Jukebox

Been getting many songs from God over the past seven years, off/on. Lately he’s been on overdrive 24/7. With songs I haven’t heard in ages. The other day he had me singing, My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean. God loves using my head as a jukebox, and I love it. And while I do listen to many genres, no doubt he wishes I had more songs under my wings so he could have a field day with my head. He’s fun like that. I certainly prefer his songs over feeling like Bruce Almighty hearing a ton of conversations from above. He just plants a song in my head, like a coin in a jukebox, and VOILA, I sing it for him. Not always knowing at first that he sent it. Once I do, I look up the lyrics, oftentimes he is sending a message.

When he’s not pouring songs into my head, he’s rather nonstop with his shenanigans. So very entertaining and funny, tho more than once at the wrong time. Like when I was in an osteopathic treatment, which is so relaxing. I’ve actually almost traveled to another dimension during my adjustment. Yes, been there done that. I am aware many roll their eyes and doubt me on all I see and hear. No sweat off my soul. God will set the story straight soon enough.

Lately he’s been in cowboy mode giving me these two songs back to back. Rhinestone Cowboy and Some People Call Me The Space Cowboy. As if those weren’t enough, he paired it with a pose of him wearing a Texas style bling belt buckle, complete with cowboy boots and one toe up. He’s a nerd like that.

In telling God he's such a nerd, he says, "thank you, I take great pride in showing my true colors. In due time you will begin to see the real me, in flesh and blood.” Now if that doesn’t signal his return, dark side has control of your mind.

He, not Jesus, will be returning soon. Here’s what he has to say about that, “gone will be the days of a narcissistic future on humanity. More will be revealed soon. By babygirl, go get em'! Inside joke for what she has planned today."

Some great things coming our way, including more women in powerful positions. For that message, he gave me the song, I'm Every Woman by both Chaka Kahn and Whitney Houston, two powerful women.

May you be blessed to hear, see, and be a part of his heavenly world. Heads up however, once you do, just know you may lose friends and family over it. Consider it your light drowning out the darknesses.

Peace be with you all



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