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God Is On A Beatles Kick This Morning

God is excited about something this morning. Quite the spring in step with songs, plural. Could be it that London bridge is falling down? Ooooh, I'm getting a yes. Thanks be to the bright side of the Universe and God's shenanigan's for showing me there is light at the end of our tunnel. How soon? Not sure yet, considering their timeline is not the same as ours. However, I do know soon much will be turned right side up. God's Beatles kick this morning and energy have me believing soon.

As for the songs, here's what he's given me thus far today. God didn't waste any time. First two songs came at 7:45 this morning, followed by She Loves You. The Cripple Creek song was his humor in seeing the water drop as I put dog waterer on faucet. He's a nerd like that.

Can't forget to include the hive God showed me more than once. Hmmm... after looking thru all my tech, not finding any drawing. Interestingly, message below did not make it in the book despite messages before and after being added. I am losing track of visions. UGH, how I hate technology.Dark side has a way of messing with my technology. Even my book, Visions From Outer Space has been attacked on my computer. The 387 page book keeps shrinking every time I go to open it. No sweat off my soul. Thank God I have more than one copy. I do have this from a few years ago to show just how long God has been showing me the hive. Could it be the Mind Hive or Queen Bee I heard referenced this morning? Time will tell, which goes to show their timeline is different than ours. I mean how long have many of us been waiting for Trump's return? It gets tiring, but like me, we must all keep the faith. He will return in some way shape or form.

As usual, I ask that you please pardon the layout of these images. If I try to aim for perfection, anxiety will kick in and down I can go. Not worth it. My POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) has already been roaring its ugly head this morning.

That's it for today. Next post will be another vision turned art.

In the meantime, I shall dream of a way to organize all my visions. If anyone knows of anything better than the Photo Stick I am considering getting, I'm all ears.

May all be blessed to hear the song God has chosen for you.

Peace OUT!



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