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God Is Near

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

God has been showing me a whole lot lately. From him returning, to the Freemason compass being turned upside down, and even a huge drain with lots going down it not too long ago. The fall of the cabal and/or a draining of the swamp? I do believe both, and know God is near from the visions he's been giving me.

I've seen God many times, only now is he beginning to show his true colors, as in skin color. Prior to trying my hand at AI art, I drew HUNDREDS of visions on my cell phone. Those of God were drawn or painted with light skin, like the images/paintings hanging in many homes. That being another lie about to be exposed. He was not light complected. My book, Visions From Outer Space has over 250 visions, all on cell phone. Many of which have come true, including the White House being turned upside down.

God walking down from Heaven to my door

Nowadays, I use AI as much as I can, for time and neck sake. I also oftentimes tweak what AI creates because, they don't get my visions 100%. This being a perfect example.

After tens of prompts, I finally have God facing me, but if you'll look closely, feet are still walking UP this stairway from Heaven. UGH! God also wasn't in a hallway but instead walking down straight out of the clouds, ever so majestically.

God playing the trumpet

Here I was shown God playing the trumpet. Not exactly what he wears, but hair and skin are close to what I was shown.

Featured image is the latest vision of God being escorted down on a purple magic carpet. Those holding wooden handles weren't that visible, but, I am hoping you get the gist.

my visions week of  10-22-23

I leave you with a few of this weeks visions. Most I record in bed as I get them. The, "ready to reign" I've been shown multiple times. I've also been shown just the throne, only the crown, and God with both.

There is no denying God is near. I also cannot not say it enough, I for one cannot WAIT. Lord knows I am ready to reap what what I have sown.

However, better than that is being ready for this next chapter of my life. From what I've seen, it will be Biblically grand.

May all be ready because contrary to popular belief, life is a dress rehearsal for our afterlife. And as I often say, those who die, all too often are the lucky ones. At least in today's world.

Unless you've played your cards right, or course.



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