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God Does Not Do Drugs

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

I have heard so many excuses for people getting the COVID shot, it's ridiculous. The worst was hearing someone say they prayed about it and God told them yes. Religion aside, WWJD (what would Jesus do)? He uses the FARMacy. God does not do drugs. Yet, that is exactly what one pregnant woman I know did, saying God told her yes. She lost the baby the following day. There's a reason women miscarry. No child/fetus wants to grow in a toxic environment. Be it from constipation, drugs, or anything else.

God does not do drugs

She did manage to get pregnant again, which I feel for the baby since many are now being diagnosed with myocarditis. I cannot imagine our world a decade after COVID. "They" are messing with our god given DNA.

Having POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) I've seen my cardiologist get busier these last few years. Why? The clot shot. Even worse is, his patients are getting younger. Myocarditis I'm sure will be just one issue future generations will face.

Vaccines of any kind are not of God, however, not according to the person who posted this on a video I recently watched. Antibiotics and a select few other shots in an emergency can save lives. Long term use of antibiotics however, are known to ruin kidneys. Adult vaccinations aside, why take prenatal then get your children vaccinated? When I had custody of four children for a year, I signed waivers against it. I also signed waivers against getting, so I could attend Arizona State University.

On the bright side, I recently heard of a dating website for those who have not gotten the vaccine, which is smart. May those in need of blood transfusion also get "clean" blood.

As a Detox Mentor having helped others get pregnant, I can only hope parents infected with the shot consider either not having children, and adopt instead, or both should detox thoroughly before conception. There are ways to clean our blood thru detox, supplements, foot soaks and more. But do they reverse it completely? My guess is no, only because they were created to affect DNA. It would take a miracle or a med bed to undo deep down damage.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Thankfully not all are suffering side effects or collapsing dead. Those without side effects, no doubt got a placebo. This video exposes the COVID lies and shows evidence proving survivors of Pfizer vaccine took placebos. Good news for some, and not to dismiss J&J or Moderna. The latter is said to inject an operating system of sorts. Not good with all the 5G going up.

Whether someone did or did not get vaccinated, our mind is a powerful thing. If you think you can, you will. Good or bad. Many with just one of my dis-abilities are either on a feeding tube, bedridden, on medication, and/or in a wheelchair. Decades of detox and an impeccable diet continue to keep me upright, and medication free. I've learned a lot from a life of ailments caused by two birth defects. Be they in structure or the inner workings of our multiple systems, I have become my own doctor.

“When someone is sick, more drugs are NOT what they need. A sick person already has an overload of toxins… illness is not caused from a deficiency of a certain pill.”
~Sherry Rogers, author of Detoxify or Die~

I did just finish three months of IV saline infusions twice/week for my POTS since I cannot take medication. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome has been a blessing in disguise. It continues to force me to take care of myself, most days of the week and hours of the day. Besides, I do not trust medication. They and food are said to begin having vaccines in them. Scary times indeed.

While I am not religious, I do know, God does not do drugs.

I'm not here to fear monger anyone or be a conspiracy theorist. I am just doing my part to wake your soul up. If a connection to a supreme being is what you desire, cleanliness will always be the key to Godliness, whomever your god may be.

I leave you with a paraphrased quote from Carlos Santana...

"I don't do drugs, I take medicine."
~Carlos Santana~

AMEN to that!

May all be blessed with inner knowing sooner than later because only the doctor within has your best interest.


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