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God Be Chillin'

Yes, that was God's title for this post.

"He who falters, must admit to their wrongs. He who is always right, needs to stop. Notice I say, "He?" For He can be a She, but She will never be a He. The point I'm trying to make is, nowhere in the bible does it say I'm a He.

This is God talking. Nowhere in the bible is glory and haleljuah used in a negative way. Nowhere in the bible are 2 wrongs a right. You got that right. Since when is loneliness a crime? And since when is spiritual a misdemeanor? What and how you ask?

Once again, it has come to our attention of the low at heart, on their behavior towards our Saint. While she has yet to know exactly what I'm referring to, we promise you this my Child. It comes on the eve of your rewards. But, seeing it makes you uneasy, we won't go there yet.

While some have nothing better to do than gossip, slander and rip another apart (or attempt to). Others are turning heads in the departments that matter. How you ask? Well, I'm here to tell you.

Remember how we told you Theo was reincarnated? That he was my friends, but it was too soon and a horrible lesson learned on everyone's part. For he became what our Saint refers to as a, science project gone wrong. Very wrong I might add. Almost to the point of the man not knowing if he's coming or going. We kid you not.

He became a horrendous man. With Lucifer as his all encompassing compadre. That's right folks. It was bad enough Saint Carmen has had Lucifer interfering with her life, but to have Theo, was almost more than she could take. And for that she needed a break. But I'm here to tell you, she's back and so are her writings. In fact, today she will begin the first of many books.

We are so excited on what's to come, but again, she does not want us to go there. So, I'll keep that for off the record talk, as she calls it.

Let me end by saying, all she really wanted was a quote. So here it is my Child...

Never in time should we stop doing what we love. For it is in stopping that heartache sets in. When that occurs, who's to get your motor running? A Board Certified "MD?" Not in a million years. No money in the world can repair a broken heart. Yet, it's true, people do die of one.

If only they had listened to what makes their heart tic. And I can tell you right now, it should not be another person. Or, for adults, not another adult is what I mean. For, some of us know the true meaning of love, when it comes to a child. But I will stop there. Our Saint cannot afford crocodile tears just yet.

With a busy day ahead and a dog who's just as happy as we are to see her, she must carry on. For it is in carrying on that I reward. It is in carrying on that we are strengthened. And it is in carrying on that her cross, that she was nailed to, falls by the way side. My dear, it is and always will be in your best interest that we post these types of messages. We know what you want in the form of a message, but allow us a few in between messages.

We can't simply sweep things under thee ugly rug some work hard to create. And we believe you know some of them. Ahh, who are we kidding, you know them all. And yes, that one rather famous one is at it again. Why she hasn't stopped has been beyond my control. But I can assure you this, I'm ready to intervene. And all those fairies...

**as I chime in

Me: God, this is you talking? Yes Me: you want me to write that? God: Yes. All the fairies will go by the wayside until she reinvent herself, yet again. And again and again if she doesn't stop. I'm sorry you've had to deal with so much during your short time as a Medium. Tupac is pissed, if I might say so myself. He be having us all talk like him.

Yes folks, it's still God talking. And Tupac and many other celebrities and musicians are on St. Carmen's Fire team. Wait'll you begin hearing the songs they're all writing. M'm' M'm' M'm. You thought they were good on earth, wait till you here what they write in Heaven. And, while I'd like them all to keep the songs with God/me in mind. I realize I can't. I can't tell an artist how to do their craft. Nor can anyone tell me how to "play" God.

If you think Carmen is making this all up, I suggest you read the books she's mentioned more than once. Go ahead and tell them. Give them a link if you have to. I want them to see I'm just as ordinary as any of you. And, while the language has changed over the millions of years, thee integrity doesn't. You know, the Golden Rule standard Saint Carmen often mention in her works. Which is what we like to call them.

But for now, our Saint needs rest. You may go watch a movie now. And no more checking your phone for messages, emails and the like. It was a long busy day today. Tomorrow Wusa and you can begin your book. We are delighted to see you begin. And we're anxious for you to use your fancy equipment homeboy got for you. Yes, we say homeboy up here too. Tupac be Chillin is an understatement. The dude is cool, if I must say so myself. That's it for today. We love you. Amen and Amen." ~God, your father in Heaven~

Me: I need a title God. Did you just say... God Be Chillin? God: Yes Me: Oh no... ! As in, God is too funny!

Whatever your lingo, God speaks it! As for the books God wanted me to connect you, they're Conversations With God.

Interestingly, in rereading some, I couldn't HELP but ask God, did you SAY this? There were parts God didn't.

Which is why I always confirm. Double and triple check (and more) that I'm still talking to God or my Guides? Why? Because Lucifer pretends to be anyone of them. Which is what he did in parts of those books. Tho, Neale Donald Walsh doesn't (or didn't) know it. Such is life in the spirit world (at times). I'm thankful I've learned early on.

Me: God, I can post this? God: well said my Child, now post it?

Meanwhile I cannot WAIT to begin writing the book tomorrow. Today flew by with stops and starts on this post.

May you all be blessed to believe. Since becoming a Medium, I know for a FACT, God talks to us all. How? That voice within may be more than your own. Once you can decipher your thoughts from Gods or others, you're on your way to communicating with lost loved ones.

Believe it or not, they all want to talk. They all have so much to say. They all see you and they all love you. But, I can't make anyone believe. What I do know, no matter the issue. Body, mind or spirit, detox can help.

Peace, love and well wishes...


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