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Give Thanks

I am in awe. And this new Guide of mine said more than once, "I feel you." I've been at such peace thru diet and detox many times. However, one 10-day fast had someone asking if I were Hare Krishna. That alone was proof that peace and love exist inside ourselves. BECAUSE, I know what such peace and love feel like, I want it all the time. Being cooped up is not easy. Feeling like I'm at the mercy of others, less fun. And everything else that comes with just being a passenger, in back of truck (mind you). Is really getting to me.

No amount of Saint, Ascended Master or "may you be blessed" have brought total peace. Until today.

Not too long ago, I mentioned two beautiful women for their grace and humility amidst not so keen environments/conditions. I have been blessed with both. And after doing what this next beautiful Guide said, I've found my Zen spot.

HER magic words for me to repeat? Thank you. Almost instantly, I AM where I want to be. 18-wheels in Washington or not. I shall now go offline, just to soak up the blessings, awe and wonder of her love. "Her" being, Mother Teresa. Following a really great conversation on how she was always so beautifully calm, graceful and humble, I asked for a message for others. I AM delighted to share her never ending words of wisdom.

"Some people don't appreciate beauty until they've lost it. Others find the beauty in everything. Then there are those that take it for granted.

People are never happy because they are too busy trying to be somebody they're not. They also wish to look like somebody they were not created to be. When love for yourself matches love for another, you will know peace. Your love must come from the heart. Not from thee eyeballs.

You will be blessed when you love the way God created you to love one another. You do not enter the kingdom of heaven with hate, envy or jealousy. You enter by loving everyone equally.

You will be blessed when you take your eyes off yourself. Then putting them on what matters. What you focus on grows.

What you respect is an indication of the spirit you possess. You do not intend well when you're only getting what your flesh desires.

You will be blessed by thanking those that make a difference in your life. You will enter God's pearly gates with love, and love only." ~Mother Teresa, her Saint in heaven~

May you all be blessed to have your miracles match your thoughts. Whether, doing what brother Matt Kahn says... Love what arises and bless the heck out of everything and everyone. Or simply repeating Mother Teresa's words. They will work wonders on your body, mind and spirit.

Me: how's that? Mother Teresa: beautiful Me: thank you. I love you Mother Teresa: thank you

May all be blessed to love and give thanks like there's no tomorrow. Because this heaven on earth feels pretty damn good!

**got her 👍🏼's UP on that last sentence too In our conversation before and after, she calls ME a Saint?! I AM truly blessed.


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