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Get With The Program

A post on, NOT taking your life or health for granted. As in get with the program of living. Love it, respect it, or lose it without trying.

You ready Dr. Gonzalez? Yes I am. Good job on channeling Jenni Rivera Me: thank you and thanks for wanting to post today. I'm anxious to hear what you'd like to talk about. Dr. Gonzalez: me too and it won't have anything to do with Florida. Me: cool! I'm ready when you are. Dr. Gonzalez: here it goes then. We have entered a time that has become synonymous with grow your own veggies. Now let me explain. Seems the world is beginning to take the seriousness of their health into account. Why you might ask. Well, we are here to tell you.

For starters, what began as a science project turned bad then good, has become more history in the making. In what way you ask? It began with God granting an individual his wish to reenter planet earth by way of reincarnation. Except, that wish came with many broken promises by that individual.

Little did God know it would go horribly wrong. Never, not even in the Bible has a soul been allowed to reenter earth so quickly. Shortly after death.

But God allowed it. There were regrets, flashbacks and hardships upon entering planet earth. Reentering I should say. What gives? Never in my life on earth or here in heaven would I have believed what took place for this individual, whose name we choose not to reveal yet. For fear he may hear us. Yes, that's how easy it is to connect. By saying the person's name for their radar to detect it. That's how it works in heaven.

You say something or name drop, and it reverberates up here in heaven. Like one loudspeaker or intercom.

Never before in the history of man has reincarnation taken place so quickly. Saint Carmen is not at all enthused with this post. I can't say we don't blame her. For it was in trusting that she endured many heartaches and hardships because of this one individual. Still wondering how? When a person wants so badly to reunite with a lost loved one, God can grant the wish under certain circumstances. As our Saint wonder why it hasn't happened before. Then quickly realizes, because nobody has ever asked. That's right Saint Carmen. You are 110% correct.

And now others know, you can be reunited with lost loved ones. Only, the lost are those that are earthbound. For it was in asking that this man received. He got what he wanted and he blew it. He turned his head on our Saint in favor of women and wine, and now wants an umpteenth chance? Dude (if I may say so myself), what are you thinking? If I could shake some sense into you I would.

For those new to this fairytale gone more bad than good, you've missed a lot, but not really. Our Saint deleted many of those posts for good reason. Here we have a man that fell madly in love with our earthbound "Princess Di." A name her mother uses, and given two thumbs up by our Princess Diana here in Heaven. We are sorry dear Carmen, for your fairytale not going as planned. It won't happen again.

We sincerely apologize for this post. My initial intent was for you to channel a health related topic. While this has more to do with death and dying, we can assure you, this type of post won't happen again. What happens next remains to be seen. We promise you this my Child, yes, it is God talking. I have taken over for Dr. Gonzalez.

You know as well as I, this man needs time to adjust. Yes he began calling out for you the minute. No, second he woke from his self induced coma. Yes folks, the man didn't just take life by the horns, he ran with it. He did a little too much too soon I might add. And that's precisely what landed him in the hospital. For those that think you've got life in the palm of your hands, let me tell you this, you don't. Don't ever think for one second you know better than me. The one who created you out of nothing. You who will leave with nothing but the clothes on your back.

Yes, I've become upset. One, for this man who was given another chance at life, and nearly blew it. And two, for the rest of you that continue to abuse your body like you're some kind of machine, whose batteries can be replaced at the blink of an eye. What is it going to take dear ones, for you to take your life and health serious? A near death experience? Is that what you want? Saint Carmen, you have my permission to tell them what that's like. Go ahead dear, tell them.

Me: let’s see. For starters, I knew I was gonna faint from the pain. Thee incident happened in slow motion. I fell several feet from truck. With all my weight, BAM, right on palm shaking hands with wrist. It was so perfectly orchestrated. I could have easily cracked my head open (off those sharp edged metal steps) and injured other parts. Nope! I landed on a mound of soft dirt. God wanted my attention. I was not gonna drive cross country on 18-wheels yet.

I stopped breathing and I knew it. I also knew I didn't just faint. I woke to the sound of, "Carmen are you there?" Over and over. It was like I was in a tunnel and he was far away. It didn't even sound like my friend. Had he not been there, would I have remained dead? God just said, yes. WHOA! It wasn't until my friend put his head to my chest to hear if I were breathing, that I gasped for air. Thank GOD we both reacted with some hot/cold and splinting for the 10 hour drive to ER.

What followed after that wasn't part of the plan, but, more than 15 hours later, the doctor "practicing" medicine turned my broken wrist into more trouble. But, it was in having surgery a month later that I got what God refers to as my, "magic wrist." Complete with 8 screws and a metal plate that makes me a better ChannelHer. My built-in grounding rod. Do I wish near death or dying on anyone? No. But what I know about Heaven is, it's a very happening place. Following the pit stop most have in Hell, before being granted access thru God's pearly gates.

I'll end with, you can think you're alive and well because you're in thee upright position, or been given a clean bill of health. But, you may be fooling yourself. Point is, never believe youve got all the time in the world. I'd take a near death experience (NDE) any day over living the slow suicide far to many see as the norm. I also use God’s FARMacy over man’s pHARMacy. It is what your gut, voice within want. Should you not tend to your mind, body or spirit’s many calls, you may be forced into an about face. Or worse, stopped dead in your tracks.

Sure there are details I'm leaving out from that hellacious day and night in pain. Like the 5 pain meds not helping. 2 of which were morphine and something stronger.

However, my NDE served its purpose, and unlike that man, I'm making the most of coming back. It was the 2nd in a series of 3 things that happened to me on this road to Mediumhood (with 10+ other gifts). First was brother Matt Kahn selecting me in a dream, my NDE, then thee massive entrance into Ascension. A DOOZY that some don't survive I've read and been told from up above. All that in less than 5 months. And all that leave me ever more sensitive.


God: that's great Di, thank you for sharing. In case readers want to know. Our Saint died for more than 2 minutes. Two very long minutes for homeboy who was on the verge of calling 911 for his beloved friend. We're glad he didn't. They may have filled her body with something that could've killed her.

Yes our Saint has a few heat related issues when it comes to her skin, head and eyes. She also has a few discs out of place, as shown in her MRI report today (5-20-16). Some of which will require surgery if her insurance doesn't cooperate. On the bright side, her USC Doctor wants a copy of her book, to possibly sell he said. Aside from him having a crush on our Saint, he does find her interesting. And wants to read what she's written.

As she find another royalty payment in her inbox today. Only now, our Saint would like to publish the 2nd Edition. Complete with some changes and more ways to care for your body. If it weren't for her structural damage, there's no telling how young our Saint would look and feel. But that's what eating the food I created does for you. Keeping her body free of excess debris being her icing on her birthday cake. As she giggles at the reference to her birthday.

That's it my Saint. The time is near for you to walk. Promise me you won't overdo it. I like your idea on eating melon with protein. And because I like it, that's all she will be eating for the next 4 days, unless Monday's plans interfere, but you've got my approval on that one. For title you can call it, Get With The Program. We love you, Amen and Amen." ~God your father in Heaven and Dr. Gonzalez, your physician and cancer expert in Heaven~

"Get with the program." Another phrase I jokingly use on a select few. God is too funny on remembering e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

As for that man. Yes I heard him, more than once. Seems he's avoiding God. God says yes. In regards to spine issues, partial MRI does correspond with some of what Dr. Gonzalez spoke in another post on how many of my bones are out of place. ER doc forgetting about me on traction, literally felt like my shoulder was being ripped from my torso. Never in my life have I screamed in that much pain. Thank GOD the supervisor came to my rescue.

For being anti procedures, I've had more surgeries than anyone I know. All for nothing, which is why I’m against any kind of quick fix. I fought 8 years then gave in to the rib and muscle removal. And the trickle effect does not end. Never settle and always practice prevention. If it weren't for my diet and detox, my pain would be off the charts. Clean body and blood do equal less pain. It’s why coffee enemas were used in WWll.

And speaking of books, I do intend on publishing 2nd Edition. I also, cannot WAIT to finish another that is nearly done. One that helps you connect dots where doctors either forgot or never learned. It is your owners manual of sorts. Then there are those with God and my Guides, followed by some songwriting with many of thee artists up there. Woo Hoo, soon, very soon I’ll have my writing space.

May you all be blessed to take God serious. Like Dr. Gonzalez said, second chances can happen, but at what expense? Considering all are super healthy in Heaven, do you really want to wait to that long?

Cheers and well wishes all ways


Me: good to go God and Dr. Gonzalez?

Yes my Child, you may post now. We're happy you slept so soundly. Now refresh screen and post. We love you.

I just love them all. FYI, you don't need a NDE to connect. I just happened to enter the wonderful world of spirit in an intense way, but it came with many perks. Just this week, they've got TWO new kids on God's block of channeling. And they're DIGGIN' it to say the least!

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