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Friends Without Borders

Some posts, just leave me speechless. I've loved and appreciate my mornings for more than 20 years now. But NOTHING compares to waking up to my Guides.

Since they give me title after the message, I thought I'd ask for translation on this one. It hit me, once I asked. Here's Puya's translation of, "friends without borders." Friends in God. No wonder I'm speechless!

"Some people go thru life wishing they could change the world. Saint Carmen is doing it. Her unrelenting love for channeling has brought us all to tears. Tears of joy, that is. If you could see her heart when she channels, you would be inspired to soften yours.

She hates when we talk about her, and always asks how certain souls are doing. Those on planet earth (that is). A day never goes by that she doesn't ask. She can write till, "the cows come home." (a phrase she uses).

She has yet to introduce the majority of her Guides. Something she so passionately wants to do. She's even asked her bodyguard for some help in doing so. He has obliged." Me: he has?! Yes Me: Woo Hoo! Okay... Puya: he is also an Ascended Master. One who has, "inherited" Saint Carmen's 86 Guides. He is, what Saint Carmen has referred to as, an Italian dude. She laughs. Never knowing what we're gonna say. She also sees that we talk her language. And likes to confirm, some of what we say.

She takes meticulous notes, and edits everything with us before posting. Yesterday's Easter post, she channeled straight from the Source. Me: "Source" as in God? Puya: yes Me: that's why, I kept writing, "we?" Puya: yes Me: WOW! As you know, I wondered if he/she participated. Puya: yes. She has now had her first conversation with God. She wants to cry (again). But her smile won't let her. She does however, cry from her heart. No ordinary tears. Her tears, are that of joy and gratitude. Her tears, I might add, aren't ordinary either. She continues to flush old DNA. And for that, they burn like heck.

Her body is also eliminating what doesn't serve her. Thanks to her formula. One that was indeed created thru divine intervention.

She continues to be in pain, but found complaining only makes it worse. She must also continually replenish her body of protein. Otherwise, she begins to shake. Reason being, is the DNA upgrade. One that has become, a new way of living for her. She has yet to understand all that is happening to her. But looks forward to each and every episode of downloading and upgrade session that she gets. She giggles as she writes this because it's true.

We commend her for working in distress and not so pleasant environment. She will be rewarded soon. One day you'll wish you were nice. She must go now, for she is eager to finish other posts she's started.

Me: OMG Puya. Thank you so much. I love you. Puya: I lusm (love you so much) **as she fade.

WOW is indeed an understatement. I just know the love I felt in my heart while channeling yesterday was intense.

But so was thee attack. One that literally tried to take my breath away. One that also made me lightheaded. We will write a post on that soon.

May you be blessed to meet all the friends in the spirit and galactic world that await you. As in, befriending them from where you are. If at first you don't succeed, try try again.

Just know, one of those voices in your head may be them.

✌🏼️❤️ and a breath of blessed air!


Me: is this all good to go Puya? Puya: very good dear.

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