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For The Love of Puya

"When life gets you down, consider it a blessing. When life gets rough, get tough. When life becomes a box of roses, don't step on anybody's toes'. When in doubt, count yourself out. When you live life to the fullest, will you give thanks or squander it away? In order to become connected you must let go of your life as you know it. In the blink of an eye you can die. Question is, where will you spend your afterlife? If not now, when can you decide? Time for your haphazard decisions to end. Don't say we didn't warn you, or you, or any of you. When the tide strikes, will you float, or go belly up? The New Earth is dawning. Will you be left yawning. If I were you, I'd decide before the great divide.

For now, I will let you in on a little secret, and it goes like this... your world as you know it must end. To those not living according to the Universe, we bid you farewell. I am but one Celestial Being of gazillions St. Carmen is connected to. Time to set the story straight. She was chosen for her fearlessness, smarts, and never ending sense of humor. Want what she has? Then stop talking badly about her. She comes to help prepare planet Earth for the upcoming changes. Like it or leave it, but Donald Trump was preselected to get the job done. What job you ask? Make everyone accountable for their own lives. The blame game will end. And the so-called "elite" will become equal in every way. Planet Earth will reign, but not until it falls. Get your emergency kits in order, because you're going to need them. I've exhausted my time this morning. It is time for some writing of The Covenant of The Arc. A very slow start but only because our Saint has had Earthly business to tend to.

In asking us for a quote this morning, I did not intend for it to be this long. She misses her writing, but never stops caring. Too much God says, but that's what makes her a Saint. In all honesty, her wish is our command. Thus this message she did not expect. For title please use, "For The Love of Puya." And you can explain why. We love you. Bye baby girl." ~Puya, your Pleiadian pal~

For the love of Puya indeed! So much so, the Universe named Tonka & Tesla's lil sister after her. Both are eager to meet her, nearly 3 weeks later. Not only has Puya my fearless Pleiadian pal stepped out of her comfort zone to help planet Earth, this lil Puya is my cub scout. Here to protect thee energy that surround me, especially when I write. That's the power of cats, and one reason Cleopatra had one (I'm told).

For now, I continue to channel The Covenant of The Arc. A book that will help set the story straight, "since the Bible didn't" they say. With God having a final thought.

"When planet Earth restarts, take heart of what's important."

May you all be blessed to see it coming. And consider giving thanks to the one who's made these Celestial messages/warnings possible. Puya.

In spirit with love,


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