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For The Love of God

A few updates God wanted posted publicly. For the love of God, some clarifications from the ET of all ET's.

We love you so much. It has come to our attention that people are vying for an interview. Di, get used to it.

You are a force to be reckoned with. And now with your sacred heart tattoo, you are super duper protected. The crystal DNA helped, but not like this. For those wondering, Saint Carmen got her first two tattoos as an Ascended Master. Two more to go. We commend you for getting them for the right reasons. You had us all in suspense. You were tough to go it unmedicated. WOW. Breastplate is a tough one. You handled it without cringing. A little touch up work and it'll be done.

Stay focused Di. We know you've got a lot on your plate with that house gig. Your last one, I might add. Following next week. You're going to be busy with your own place and doggies. In time, you'll get another cat.

But the reason for this post is your first interview. Tony is excited. Thee entire radio station is. We assure you, you are safe. Your friend there is too. You two can go far together. She just needs to stay on the straight and narrow in truth. And, let you lead. Your ET family will not visit anymore until you are alone. We cannot have people coming and going. They are out of their comfort zone in visiting you, and you alone. Imagine how they feel around others. Is there anything you'd like to say publicly?

Me: we've talked a lot (off the record) this past week about this. I guess thee only thing is kinda what our comment on ET's was thee other day. Where the guy tried ripping me a new one. Perhaps, you can share why they come. And more importantly, for those thinking they've channeled them, think again. God: great ideas. Tho, I'll let UTOT explain. UTOT: hi Di. We are so happy to have you. You have no idea what it's like for us. I mean, there are groves of UFO fans vying for communication with us, and you do it so nonchalantly. Like we've known each other for years. You are indeed a force to be reckoned with. You want us to tell readers why we're coming, is that correct? Me: yes please. UTOT: okay, it goes like this. We come to show planet earth the ins and outs of technology. We also come bearing well wishes on every single one of you. It is true that man Tom tried humiliating you publicly. For what? EGO. Earthlings have a real problem with ego. Di, you must stay focused. Okay, where were we? Yes, ego.

Time has come to move mountains. Yes dear readers. Thee earth as you knew it is shifting. Just you wait and see. More importantly, you don't go with the flow, and your ousted. What exactly does that mean? It means good riddance, sayonara, what the bleep! Yes we have a sense of humor on serious matters. And we've got the perfect earthling to channel it. Tomorrow is a new day. One where day turns to night. Only difference is the date. You see, tomorrow marks thee anniversary of Saint Carmen being chosen. What a glorious night that was for the Heavens. While she knew it was this month, she did not remember thee exact date.

As for the love portion of our reason to visit. It's true. We come with love in our hearts, nothing more. Which is precisely the reason for Di's attack. Di being Saint Carmen (for those wondering). It is what her mother called her growing up. So yes, we want to help enlighten earthlings. So be it that earthlings is not capitalized. We know what you mean. Soon you will be home with your handy dandy dictation unit that your beloved homeboy got for you. Quite futuristic we might add. Needless to say, you are on your way. I'll hand it over to God. We love you so much baby girl." ~UTOT, Master of the Milky Way~

God: Di, we're gonna wrap it up. You need to rest a bit before hitting the market. Try for an hour. Post this now. For title use, For The Love of God. That'll get a rise out of them. Thee End. Amen and Amen." ~God and UTOT~

And so it is. Embrace it or brace yourself. May you be blessed to know the difference.


Me: good? God and UTOT: clever Di. Now rest.

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