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Father And Child Reunion

Many more visions these last couple of days, with some mighty wonderful songs including, Mother and Child Reunion, except God was sure to have me sing, Father and Child Reunion. Don't bother me none, I know his time is near.

10-7-22, 6:02am - was just shown a toddler on a motorcycle. Motorcycle alone has a wonderful meaning. In looking up toddler, WOW!! The time is near for me to reap what I have sown. Before those visions I was given the smell of yeast. God’s meaning? Can you say dough, dinero, $$$.

9:32pm - oh my, just saw a long line of people walking up a steep mountain. Then tied to a railroad track. A painful physical experience awaits them. On the bright side, one heckuva great time will welcome those who stored their riches in heaven.

10-8-22,10:26am - just remembered being shown the many in line for judgement. Big crocodile tears running down their faces. I for one certainly prefer tears over the soiling of pantalones. Time will tell. No sweat off my soul.

Meanwhile, this past week God kept giving the song, A Broken Wing by Martina McBride. Love that song, and while my right wing feels mighty broken, nothing can stop me now. That per God who knows I am not exaggerating.

11:37pm - another dog mauling turned deadly-this time an 80 year old woman. I am convinced that not only are dogs feeling the angst on the planet, but also that their dog food has been tainted. Truth must be found. I do know growing up dogs ate to live. Nowadays they live to eat. THAT there is a one indication of the fast food in the pet food market. Thankfully I supplement their food with raw meat and fresh vegetables.

Oh my just had an epiphany! Edgar Casey started out with honest to goodness soul purpose bright side of Universe prophecies. Once they started to turn dark with messages of what we're living thru now, darkness took over his prophecies. Joseph Smith was another channeling the plan for our planet.

10-9-22, 5:17am - just shown to me was a pyramid with lines in it being broken. It also had an eye in the middle which was closing or was it opening? Ooooh, God says opening. To me this represents the end. Game over. Dark side done, and now may the light shine bright upon those of us who worked to help make it possible

6:22am - just saw the "22" drawn in VFOS book again, only this time it was sinking.

6:29am - next I was given another great song. Do You Love What You Feel by Chaka Khan and Rufus.

So many symbolic visions I just forgot. Ugh, they leave my memory before I have time to grab my notes. God says it is due to the work they're doing on me. I can only hope, including the work done on my left eye this morning. I do know all those symbolic visions were grand.

Before all the above, my left toes were itching, which is a good sign for females I just read and padre mio agrees.

10-10-22 -6:15am - just saw Gilbert get rather mangled in an accident. Next I was shown a mound of dirt with God sticking a flag, flower or stick on top this person's gravesite. Then wipe his hands clean.

6:39am - was just shown what seemed a crystal ball set in an old cross, like the Knights of Templar cross, except there was a circle in the middle. The closer I got, I could see it was still in the same shape, only now it resembled more at the end of a staff. Also heard, "we're going to the north pole.” Giddy up!

7:16am - just heard, "on 21st, 10 or 11 days, I'm going to make you my wife." Before that, I heard something about a monopoly or monopolis. However, in looking up I get the word, "monopolistic" instead. Very fitting for such a times as this. Atlantis has been off limits to most of the world. Perhaps that has been their bank all along?

7:26am - God just showed me the lion king from the movie. In looking up the meaning, there are several. The one God chose has to do with perilous times upon us. I actually can't wait to be on the other side already. Gone will be the BULLSHIT (and those who bought into it). I'm sorry but one of your lessons this lifetime was to wake up. Enjoy what you actually worked towards. Harsh? God gives me permission before I post anything. If I can go thru hell more than once and live to talk about it, anyone can. He likes to see what we're made of, so please don't shoot the MessengHer..

7:37am - just saw portal open and two swans. First a small one facing right then a taller one facing left.

Shortly after I was given this song, Don't You Worry Bout A Thing by Stevie Wonder. Good to know.

Last song God left me with this morning was this sweet one, tho as mentioned before, he had me singing Father And Child Reunion, not mother and child reunion. While I do talk with Mother Mary, it will be God returning soon. Very soon.

Can't forget what I just remembered seeing a night or two ago, a big sharp knife. With it came quite the good meaning. I love it when God keeps me busy with visions.

May all be blessed to be ready for God's return. Nothing to fear if you've feared him all along.

Till we meet again,


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