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Extraterrestrial Groups or Ancestors?

How can anyone NOT wanna know where they came from? There's a reason UFO, Galactic and Extraterrestrial groups are gaining momentum. And it does not involve Star Wars.

Yes, I love learning all things true.

"You are a glutton for information. Last night's show had you on the tip of your couch. We agree that the show can go by a better name."Ancient Aliens." Are they serious? The only thing alien are earthlings. You can quote me on that. This is UTOT.

We are your ancestors. We have more advanced technology than you ever will. Look at the pyramids. What do you see? Perfection, if you ask us. Next you have the Oberlisks. Technology at its finest. Stop calling us aliens. We are your ancestors. A day doesn't go by that we don't see our sister Carmen yearning to know more.

Please link them to the series that have captured your attention. I mean, Star Wars was something she couldn't stomach. Telling us, what kind of nonsense is that? We couldn't agree more! Then you have Star Trek. More bogus information. Some of which, we are going to shed light on.

What we would really like to discuss today is you, the readers. As Saint Carmen wipes her forehead in relief. A humble saint.

For just a day, we would like to see you have respect. Respect for yourself and respect for others. You don't know how? Then ask the one that does. We are appalled at the name-calling. What happened? What changed? Your brain maybe. To see you poison your own souls is despicable. Where in, "the Bible" did they do that? You know very well who I'm talking to. Get your story straight or stop preaching.

That's all for today. They make me sick. You can title this, Extraterrestrial Groups or Ancestors? We love you Di." ~UTOT, Master of the Milky Way~

With each post comes more names. I don't have to ask, I'm told who says what. And usually first thing in the morning. Today was no different.

Lately, I've come to realize that many that call themselves "enlightened, spiritual, religious, or all inviting, etc" are the absolute worst in the, "love thy neighbor" department.

Obviously I could go on, but why? God help them. And my Extraterrestrials, beam them down some LOVE, will ya?

All I can say is, thee offenders are not at all what they're cracked up to be. Which, kinda cracks me up. Anyways.

Man did not invent technology. Think about it. The cities that were built prior to man inventing the machinery (to build their own) surpass those of today. Elaborate structures, pyramids and statues. Built from what, simple tools? Some with a single "block" weighing more than a thousand TONS. Pyramid of Giza alone has 2 1 /2 MILLION stones. Work of man? I highly doubt it, and that's what these shows shed light on.

Nikola Tesla was onto something. How do you think energy was harnessed back then? Tesla had the same concept, and worked to keep it free.

Ten more shows to go. Woo Hoo! Having read the Bible once (many moons ago), I don’t remember much. Especially not any mention in Ezekiel of a flying chariot and “visitations.” Pretty cool! At least that much of the Bible is true. And where the book, "The Spaceships of Ezekiel" came from.

In watching the 1st of 11 episodes last night, I was captivated from the get go. UTOT was not exaggerating. Star Wars was excruciating!

I love that I can check in with God and/or Extraterrestrials on anything and everything I read, hear and watch. God's response on 1st show last night, "what they're showing is kindergarten compared to what ETs know." Agreed! Divine advanced beings to say the least.

Only a matter of time before more is revealed. From those that lived it! Soon we will begin nonstop rewriting of the Bible. I'm in awe just thinking about it!

May you be blessed to embrace why it was they lived hundreds of years. How those structures were built. And perhaps that earthlings weren't the first to inhabit earth. There's a reason many children born today are referred to as, "star children."

I look forward to channeling all the missing pieces to life's puzzle.


Me: good to go? "Yes Di." Me: was that UTOT? "No. All GAZILLION of us, with your BFF God giving thanks." Me: awe... "We love you so much. Thee End"

What's NOT to love?!

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