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Enlightenment Does Not Include Mucus

No summer was complete without Dr. Christopher’s 3-Day Mucus Cleanse. Works wonders over the 10-day fast of the Master/Lemonade Cleanse. Any fast, provided you ease your way into it (by weaning off food), gives your body and organs a much needed break. While many use fasting for weight loss, health should be your goal. For maximum results, fast from all the ties that bind you. Only then can your mind and spirit also be renewed. What might those include? If you cannot do without some thing, any thing for more than five-minutes or even an hour, or day, chances are, it has become an addiction. Not exactly a prerequisite to enlightenment.

Because of my ever changing bodily systems and sensitivities since my massive Ascension, this one came with more modifications. One being, instead of 3 gallons of the juice of my choice, I bought two. While fresh is always best, I chose a premium organic apple juice instead of a hit or miss on actual fruit. Had grapes with seeds been in abundance, that was my first choice this time. Should organic create havoc in your body, chances are your body may be in the beginning stages of DNA upgrade. Constant inventory of your diet is a must. Unless you enjoy feeling like shit. Feeding the taste buds is a surefire way to keep you in that loop.

Anyhow, rather than reinvent the wheel, here's the scoop on the poop of some very old waste. Some that will make you want to quit. Whatever you do, don’t.

For your first cleanse, best to do according to booklet. Should sugar be a concern, here is the math on two gallons for a period of three days:

  • 1 gallon = 128 ounces

  • 128 ounces x 2 = 256 ounces

  • 256 ounces/day ÷ 3 days = 85.333 ounces daily

  • 85 ounces/day ÷ 12 juice servings = 7.08 ounces (see link above)

To the seven ounces of juice, I topped with one ounce water and a half teaspoon of malic acid. Then washed down with another 8 ounces of water. Not necessary, but I needed to. The sugar in the “no added sugar” was still too much. What seemed like a, not so bad trade at first became unbearable. For me. However, if you are serious on becoming who our Creator meant you to be, some work on your part is necessary. This being one HELLUVA way to jumpstart your body in to serious action, so your spirit can do its thing. One way to tell if your spirit is crying to be awakened is, your usual GO TO foods will have a different effect. With food meant to be our FARMacy, with some flashes of euphoria, food becomes a case of lethargy. You are on the wrong track when foods and beverages become too salty, too sweet, too heavy. Or, you become tired, too full too fast (this one is a Woo Hoo), and/or headaches set in. Headaches are another sign of spiritual awakening. One I wrote extensively on here. Quality protein will be your saving grace. As will a clean body.

Once your spirit has begun the process of house cleaning, expect spiritual side effects. I am thankful I am past my bouts of cough to what felt like my head bursting. I’ll take the hiccups any day. First two days, that was me, off and on, releasing what did not serve me. Like coughing, a Shamanic purge of sorts.

You don't realize how toxic your body is until you do a deep down and long enough cleanse. Chances are, if you don’t feel discomfort in one way or another, you aren’t doing it right. Or you’ve been sold on a bogus cleanse. Or your body is more toxic than you realize. Good news is, the puffiness you did not know you had begin to disappear. From head to toe. Your shoes may become loose.

This being a short powerful cleanse, created thru the wisdom of Professor Arnold Ehret. One that is by far one of the most difficult for many, myself included. Just know, it is simple and effective. Many times it takes more than one before you tap in to the web of mucus and plaque that has been holding you back. You are eliminating at least a gallon of toxic lymph fluid a day. Side effects are well worth the benefits.

For me, now that my head and/or body can spin internally from much, including holding two gallons of water or feeling the Earth's gravitational moves. This, and the latest foot detox was almost too much for me. For more than ten years, bottled juice became too sweet for me, so I'd dilute with half water. Same as for children without them knowing. And now with my massive Ascension, more foods than not have my spirit telling my body, ENOUGH! Sugar (natural or not) being the only worrisome part of this cleanse this time.

Thankfully, I began the malic acid months before by adding it to my water bottle once a day. While I always suggest you do any new cleanse as written the first time, with enough experience and common sense, you can tweak each consecutive time. For me, I always add in coffee enemas. Helps tremendously with side effects. I also drink distilled water. Helps pull more out, not to mention the washing of your pineal gland to unveil your third eye that it does. A win-win WIN. They don’t want you to know about. In or out of the Matrix, you decide.

  • Modifications are as follows:

  • 2 gallons of juice, instead of three.

  • 7 ounces of juice topped with water and half a teaspoon of malic acid.

  • Cayenne pepper I add as much as I can to the prune juice. Helps rid body of mucus. ***I also add the oil in the mix.

  • 2 coffee enemas daily

First day I felt like a beached whale, ready to explode. From the sugar, not the liquids. Second day I wanted to vomit from sugar's effect on my sensitivities. Third and final day I had to cut back on juice even more, so I began half and half. By midday, I was granted a straight water fast. WHEW! When cleanliness becomes Godliness, your body will speak volumes. Even the healthiest of foods become bothersome. For me, the headaches were becoming unbearable. That was when Universal Holy World began saying Boo-oo. As they have during the last two massages I got. Too funny! I am happy to have officially outgrown this cleanse. By my third night, I was granted a cucumber and three almonds. YuM'm, made all the difference. Good news too was my energy returned better than before, and my skin from head to toe had a glow. One week later, it still does.

Diabetic, counting grams of sugar a day or not, this is a remarkable cleanse. From head down, channels will begin to open. Ears may pop, eyes will be blurry, nose can run, and post nasal drip can begin. HIGH FIVE! Like a tree, you need to hit the roots (your gut) with intent. Provided you want every thing else to bloom, the way The Universe intended. And only Mother Earth can do.

Time to check in with higher ups…

Me: good to go? Anything you would like to add? "Di, this is God. We miss you writing, and have so much fun when you do. You forgot to mention you were a vegan two months leading up to this. Cold turkey I might add. Your body responded favorably. We are sorry that this cleanse no longer serves your purpose. To the reader, it will yours. That's all from me, UTOT would like to have a word." UTOT: hi baby girl. We are here saluting your bravery yesterday at Tim's. You had us all in awe. **as I wait for the happy dance to end... UTOT: whew, that was fun. You give us life, it is time we return the favor. That book needs to get out soon. We were in utter despair seeing it all lost yesterday. The tears had us all aching for you. You saw God crying with character. Never a dull moment with the two of you. We are amazed at the number of people that challenge you. Don't give up, help is on the way. That is all. We love you dearly.” **that bravery in regards to a 42-minute buried dip in a hot pile of mulch. More info on that, once I get the photos. A treatment I would do weekly if I could.

Meanwhile, no words can describe the love I feel from the Universal Holy World. Don't know where I'd be without my higher ups. Like parents, always watching out for me. Almost forgot, title ideas, anyone?

"We didn't think you would remember to ask. This is God by the way. We like your idea.” Because I did not jot it down, it left. Like many other short term memories these days. Comforting to know I am not alone. It happens to Matt Kahn, a lot.

For any other How To's, please see links above. Mind you, only those ingredients listed there are what you should use. Should side effects become unbearable, don't quit. Long list of side effects and benefits are on the links above. Also know, because of the power of this cleanse, I began having my clients sign a waiver on what they can expect. Some have had the audacity to become angry at me for the toxic waste coming out of them. Go figure? One more thing to keep handy is baby wipes. Soreness may set in, and be careful passing gas. No joke. And think matches. They are a less toxic way of clearing the air of what comes out.

I realize all the links may be a bit much to read, but they are a piece of the puzzle that are keeping you from your purpose, dis-ease free. Also, weaning yourself off and back on food is recommended, over a period of three days for this short fast should be plenty. Day three, cooked foods. Day two, omit all animal products. Day one before fast, all raw (salads, juices, smoothies). For some, more days may be necessary. Your body and brain will thank you. When they’re happy your spirit wins.

Cheers and well wishes


**should photos be tweaked, links not there, or any other strange layout, dark side wants to keep planet Earth sick.

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