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Energy Detox Bath

Is one HECKUVA way to start the New Year, and not the only way to clear us of what does not serve our soul’s purpose. With this being what was asked of me shortly after the massive purge I was put thru nearly two years ago, I continue to DIG the requests of my Higher Ups. Some of which will forever be, me in energy cleaning mode. Because clean energy = clean aura. For those considering starting the new year with detox, consider the clearing of negative energy. Should that be of interest, also know diet and detox (in more than body) will speed up your results. Not to mention help you let go of the past and perhaps anchor your spot on their many requests for being handed your gifts.

I for one don’t know about you, but I YEARN to push my brain and spirit to the limit this year. Like some new Galactic guides told me yesterday, TIME WAITS FOR NOBODY. It was in pushing my body to the limit for years that I am finally on purpose, which, lucky for me, has them wanting more from me. Again, I can DIG it!

With detox as my coaching specialty for over two decades, I rarely decline a bath. I also love to sweat, so these baths get two thumbs up. Fresh out of the bath this morning prompted me to post what I began nearly two years ago. A lot has transpired since then. That to include more heartache, but mostly more gifts.

Little did I know, levitation would be a part of them. But again, I'm cool with that. It is like floating on a raft without one. That happening going up and down stairs the first time to now in the bathtub. That is what a clean body and now spirit can do. I guess it's easier to move a floating body than a water logged one.

Only thing better than meditating is levitating

In doing many detox baths over the years, this one had them making the next move. Being that I was still exhausted and recovering from the Ascension purge. So, when they felt I had enough, they simply moved me to what was next. In this case, soap then shampoo. After that came a push of my upper body to drain the tub. Mind you, this being two years ago, a week or so after the massive purge I was thankful to have one witness.

While sitting up waiting for water to drain that day, they had me lie back down for the last bit of water to go down drain. With that final bit of water draining, there went negative energies. Like a huge wave hitting me from behind. INTENSE, I darn near thought I'd be going down with the water. No joke. It was one big WHOOSH!

Stop The Detox With Cool Water

After a few minutes I was able to shower and shampoo again. Their request to rid me of all negativity that was released. I share in case you want to do, knowing very well results will vary. Rinsing with cool to cold water after any bath was something I did anyways. You need to stop the detox process. If not, you risk a slip, fall or worse, fainting in the bathtub. Some thing most don’t teach when sharing any kind of detox bath.

Anyhow, as for what they had me use? Salt. Epsom was their first choice, but it is difficult to find it in bulk. So they had me get what I used almost a decade ago. Water softening salt. Home Depot type stores are the best place to find, just select a bag with the purest ingredients.

Either salt however, dose is 5 cups. I’ve used both over the years, no difference worth writing about. Soak for 30-minutes. Using warm to hot water. Drinking some hot ginger tea before or during bath helps you sweat more. Your pores will thank you.

Once bath water gone, give your body time to reaclimate. A cool shower helps. Better to be safe than sorry, you can finish with warm water. I've gotten up too quick from a detox bath (before this anointing). Not good. Whatever you do, do not stand until it feels safe to do so. How long in the tub is enough? Water should have already begun cooling, and with it, your body. You don't need to be a light worker to do this. Even if you did once/week or twice/month, it is better than not at all. These days I add clearing of my chakras while in the tub.

Added beauty of that first bath with me as an Ascended Master? The hotel number I did it in. Being that it was during my three years three months plus, without a home. Hotel room number was 222.

"Number 222 has to do with balance, manifesting miracles and new auspicious and timely opportunities." ~Angel Numbers, Joanne Sacred Scribe~

**those and more meanings to 222 here

Took some going thru Hell to reach Heaven on Earth, but it is in doing so that showed them I meant business. And was selected their UNIVERSE-ity student for life and as long s I do my part.

With symbols being any number of signs, including songs. Only when we begin tuning in to what the bright side of the Universe is trying to show us will we be trusted with more.

May the Source be with you to trust the process of a journey your soul longs to make you proud of. Change within is needed if we want to be the change the world needs. Also know, with it come uploads and downloads as they see fit. For me that includes more dizziness. Like the kind just before my near death experience. Feels like they are all vying for our attention at once kinda thing. That has been me for a few days. A bit of spinning, as I wait to soar in to the next level I have been feeling they have planned for me. YIPPEE!

Because my ten point THIXTH pound brain is in dire need of rest and protein, time to check in with those longing to be in control of us all.

Me: any one wanna chime in? BIG YES.

“Di, this is your Father. You are one hundred and ten percent correct. We long to pull the veil.”

Pretty darn cool! Why not help them along? In spirit with love, ciao for now….


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